Poaching persists on the Dénia coast

August 29 from 2022 - 10: 14

At 13:00 p.m. yesterday, Sunday, the Dénia Local Police Maritime Surveillance Service patrol intercepted a young man swimming outside the marked bathing area on Les Bassetes beach. When approaching him in order to inform him of the obligation to carry a signaling buoy in case he went out of the bathing area and forced him, in this case, to return to the safe area, they observed a bag in one of his hands. .

Initially he claimed not to have anything with him, but when he swam one of the agents he discovered that it was a bag with four small octopuses inside. After being asked if he had a fishing license, he admitted that he did not have one.

At that precise moment, he was informed that his complaint was going to be filed with the Ministry of Ecological Transition for fishing without the required license, having also captured four octopuses weighing less than 1kg, which is the minimum established by the normative. The item has been requisitioned and will be delivered to the Santa Llúcia residence.

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