Pepa Font (PP) opposes the creation of a public company to manage the Dénia Hospital

February 27 from 2023 - 10: 26

El PP de Dénia, together with the Deputy for Health, José Juan Zaplana, has met once again with the Company Committee of the Hospital de Dénia Marina Salud to convey to all the workers what the party's project is for the future of this health department.

The Deputy for Health, José Juan Zaplana, has assured that the project of the popular ones mainly involves «auditing the public system that is being managed at the Dénia Hospital, both in the labor and care and economic spheres. In this way, the indicators, the personnel and the investments that have been made during these years will be known”. With this audit, the Popular Party intends to "know perfectly the situation in which the management of the health center finds itself and solve the problem that the workers have been dragging every day."

Zaplana has insisted that “the figure as labor personnel to be extinguished is not a good solution, much less for the future. The Alzira and Torrevieja health centers that are already working on this figure serve as precedents and in the coming days they will demonstrate against the conditions offered to workers as it is an obsolete agreement.

Likewise, the Deputy for Health has stressed: "we do not want things that are bad for Torrevieja and Alzira to also be bad for Dénia." “We want a permanent solution over time so as not to generate first and second class toilets and equalize the working conditions of all workers, fundamentally so that they stop worrying about their future and focus on people's health care. Because health wants the Ministry of Health and Ximo Puig stop messing with your professionals so that they themselves can defend the interests of citizens, treating them and taking care of them as they deserve”.

The PP of Dénia stands against the creation of public companies that manage health

For its part, Pepa Font He has stressed that from the Popular Party of Dénia «we will support the workers so that they have the best possible treatment. In this way, we will guarantee better health in the region of the Marina Alta».

The popular ones have insisted that their project “does not support the existence of public companies to manage health, something that was proposed by the socialist government. The priority of the Popular Party right now is to bet on a directly managed public health system in which all workers have the same conditions within the public health system.

  1. Cesar Pino Dominguez says:

    As in another comment I made before about the creation of committees.
    Creation of A PUBLIC COMPANY to monitor a private one. How many politicians do you plan to place and from which parties?
    Enough of interventionism! Leave your brains, for that they charge succulent emoluments. in demonstrating improvements with savings in spending, as is their obligation. As if it were their homes or a company where they work. DEFINITELY . BE PRODUCTIVE, …… SET AN EXAMPLE.

    • Luis says:

      They cannot, nor do they want to, nor do they know how to do it, César. All of this is a show, they pretend that they care and promise actions that are not in their power to carry out, they are not their competence. The only thing they want is a position and to inaugurate the festivities with light and color.
      The fish, Public Health, is already sold.