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Pedro Martinez was the winner of 'Vertical Kilometer XVI Gandia'

January 09 from 2017 - 12: 56

The Dianense athlete, Pedro Martinez, Esport Colau Trail team, was the winner of "Vertical Kilometer XVI Gandia" A test that included the participation of 1.088 athletes among the modalities of runners and walkers.

Promptly at 9 hours and with a difference of 5 minutes exit runners in the ravine Beniopa occurred. Ahead of a tour of 16.300 meters with a positive slope of 1.190 meters. In this edition the unknown was focused on knowing who would be the winner in the absence of recent winners of the test.

The strongest men of the race formed a leading group where there were two regional athletes, Pedro Martínez and xabiero Ignacio Cardona. With the passing of the kilometers the Dianense knew how to manage his forces very well to plant himself first in the finish line. Martinez finished the test with an 1 brand: 36.23. The second place went to Carlos Pascual, of the Trail & Climb that made a time of 1: 37.09. The podium was completed, Ignacio Cardona, of the Lurbel team, with a record of 1: 38.05.

In the women's category the winner was the athlete, Patricia López, the Tururac Sports-Corresendes Xeresa, who crossed the finish line with a time of 2: 06.31. The second place went to Mari Tamarit, the Guerreras Aper, who made a mark 2: 08.27. The third place went to María Beltrán, team, La Llebre Alpesa, with a record of 2: 12.07.


Senior women

ª 1 Mari Tamarit 2:08.27

ª 2 María Beltrán 2:12.07

ª 3 Bea Morant 1:18.26

Senior male

1 º Pedro Martinez 1:36.23

2 º Carlos Pascual 1:37.09

3 º Roi Garcia 1:39.13

Female veterans

ª 1 Patricia López 2:06.31

ª 2 Elementary proficiency 2:16.08

ª 3 Silvia Valero 2:16.18

Male veterans

1 º Ignacio Cardona 1:38.05

2 º Andrés Marti 1:40.10

3 º Manel Ballester 1:40.55

Classification by county clubs

Athletics Club Baleària Dianium

José Vicente Molto 2:18.35

Laurence Rastell 2:30.58

Isaias Fayos 2:56.58

Jose Manuel Marco 2:56.58

Pep Ibáñez 3:05.21

BFIT center Dénia

Pau Camarasa 2:16.42

Dénia Triatló

David Ribes 2:26.57

Esports Colau Trail

Juan Carlos Calderón 2:13.54

CA La Xara

Ana Gomis 3:46.20

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