Santa Claus sends a message to all the boys and girls of Dénia

19 December 2020 - 09: 57

Due to the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic, Santa Claus has had to cancel his traditional visit through the streets of Dénia, but he has sent a message to all the boys and girls in the town indicating that although he cannot greet them in person, he will be around the city pending to check how they have behaved and prepare the gifts.

Santa Claus encourages all the little ones to follow sanitary measures and fight the spread of the virus.

  1. Jose luis says:

    Juan Papio, should not know the official language of Spain, it is Spanish, which is where all Spaniards understand each other,

  2. Juan Papio says:

    Faces that they do not fight to go back to the pare Noel could set a convertible for the Denia race car, but the men do not perguen l 'il-lusio, thank you.