Oscar Insua, Uruguayan photographer based in Dénia, publishes «Elements. The story of a journey and the search for the primitive »

01 June 2021 - 10: 23

Elements. The story of a transit and the search for the primitive It is the first work by Oscar Insua, a Uruguayan photographer currently residing in Dénia, in which he guides the reader through a pictorial journey divided into three parts. Through his camera, the author tells us everything about the elements and fragments that make up nature, as well as the footprint that humanity has left on it. “It is the search for an interior space through the landscape. The images are as important as their interpretation ”, comments the author himself.

Published in Círculo Rojo Grupo Editorial, the reader will find a representative journey through the landscape, passing through the fragment not touched by the human hand, the encounter with the human being in this environment and its trace.

Óscar has been inspired by La Boca del Asno, in the area of ​​the Royal Fisheries, since as he himself expresses, “it is a place that envelops you in its mystery and with a landscape in continuous transformation. From the first moment I visited it, sentí a connection with its various dimensions, the natural and what has been transformed by human beings. Observing the transformation of the space through dozens of visits over the course of almost two years, it made me reflect on my own history. And from this personal space, the idea of ​​this photographic project was born ”.

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