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Government Organization of the City of Dénia

10 June 2015 - 22: 27

After signing the pact of governability in the city of Dénia, the Carrió Rafa himself unveiled as the new organization is formed of Dianense government.

Mayor: Vicent Grimalt
PDeputy Mayor RimerRafa Carrió
Second Deputy Mayor: Mª José Ripoll
Third Deputy Mayor: Josep Crespo
Fourth Deputy Mayor: Javier Scotto
Fifth Deputy Mayor: Eva Ronda
SDeputy Mayor exto: Cristina Morera
Seventh Deputy MayorFrancesc Roselló

Rafa Carrio communicating the skills of Selectmen

Cast Concejalías

Vicent Grimalt: Mayor and Tourism.
Rafa Carrió: Culture, Education and Sports Standardization.
Mª José Ripoll: Planning and Works and Services.
Josep Crespo: Environment, Parks and Gardens and Climate Change.
Javier Scotto: Public Safety and Mobility.
Eva Round: Modernization of Public Administration, Employment, Transparency and parties.
Cristina Morera: Social Welfare and Youth.
Francesc Roselló: Finance, Budget and Personal.

Special delegations

Antonio Losada: In the area Public Administration Modernization and parties; Special Delegation occupation policy.
Álex Rodenkirchen: In the area Social Welfare; Special delegation, RUG. In the area Public Safety and Mobility; Special delegation of OMIC and Consumer Affairs.
Marián Tamarit: In the area Culture, Education and Sports; Special Sports Delegation. Special Delegation Standardization.
Óscar Mengual: In the area Municipality: Special Delegation Citizen Participation. Special delegation International Relations. Delegation Territory in the Special Housing area.
Elisabeth Cardona: In the area Social Welfare: Special Delegation Equality. Special Delegation Mayor; Income aid for alternative accommodation, use of services by the elderly, programs aimed at active aging and social participation, retirement home, residence Sta. Lucia Day Center, Alzheimer, fight and Prevention.

Grimalt and Carrio to the press

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