Opinion PP of Dénia: "the socialist government tries to cover with Christmas lights all the disaster that its management entails"

29 December 2022 - 12: 53

And we come to the end of a year full of pomp and circumstance, to the greater glory of our socialist government team that tries to cover up with Christmas lights all the disaster that its administration entails. Little, very little, salvageable. And the little salvageable is due to others.

To begin with, the residence of Santa Llúcia, municipal since its inception, now loses this identity thanks to the socialist government of Dénia and its partners from Compromís of the Generalitat. And in case we had doubts that they say some things and do others, you just have to look at their intention to build a privately managed second residence (necessary, beware). With all that they have criticized the public-private management model...!

But for a non-management model, the urban one. A complete disaster with the annulment of the Urban Regulations and a General Structural Plan that will have little progress according to the experts in the matter. That they are in good harmony with the Generalitat, they say. Good tuning? They say that they work side by side. Side by side? They have already been demanded from the Generalitat that they leave without effect the current guide to process licenses. But they, erre that erre, they do not intend to pay attention. We'll see how this all ends.

Little confidence in this, and very, very little confidence in the new garbage contract, so vaunted and so defended, but with so little difference in recent months with what existed before. Except, of course, the rate increase, the one that was approved in October of last year and that this year has already been effective (don't forget, now we pay €140). That to raise taxes they are always on. Who knows if now that the Government of PSOE of Spain has decided that lowering taxes is not for appearances, can we see any change in them?

And when it comes to giving real and necessary solutions, such as the problem that we neighbors have with wild boars on the roads? What do they do? Well, we put cages. Oh wow, the little animals... they don't come in! To solve the problems at the bus station, we closed the toilets, which will give us more users! If total, they already carry the inclement weather in summer and winter. If total they are passengers who do not vote here and we do not give a damn what they think. Yes, the neighbors who complain do not matter in the least to us because it is "a temporary station, so the bathrooms are not necessary at all.

The Montgó sewer system, so promised, so laureate, well nothing. to toucheja Like everything else. Look, despite the fact that in some neighborhood council they said that they had requested a subsidy and they had been denied it, it is NOT true. According to the department of finance, NO subsidy has been requested to help affected residents to reduce their costs.

And let's go with the works: Glorieta. That in the area they neither asked for nor needed them, and while they spend the money on it, the San Andrés group continues to wait for solutions to the floods that it suffers every time it rains in Denia. Or Valgamedios, who did not accept a single criticism, and now they are going to have to redo it, yes, this time without a subsidy but with the money of all the Dianenses for doing the works badly from the beginning. Or all the works that have had to bid twice because in their socialist self-absorption they did not take it into account -despite the fact that they did
We warn - the rise in the cost of living: inflation. To trust his management.

To the neighbors of Les DevesesThose who have asked us so much for help this year, nothing at all. Nor mu. No help, no listening, not a little pat on the back.

Tourism yes, it has fared better. But thanks to the professionalism of the sector. And the tourist tax, we'll see. The mayor said that he would not apply it, but the Generalitat has already provided in the DOGV that it be implemented as of December 2023, lest they have to retract before the elections. Let's see who can do more or who rules more.

By the way, hold on, curves are coming. The new urban bus, which we celebrate and is a much-needed idea truth be told, comes as a kindergarten egg, with a surprise. That the Councilor for the Interior has already taken it upon himself to tell the four winds that for it to work they will have to make things difficult for cars. Plus? Even more? And what do you want us to do with them?

And, finally, if you don't like the city he's leaving us – neither do we – don't worry. No, seriously, do not worry, because to decide what the future of Dénia will be, they will not have a candle either. for this
You have hired a company. The socialists. Those of the public And where are the people in all this? We are still trying to find out.

Happy New Year.

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