Popular Opinion Dénia: "Shameful"

01 July 2022 - 15: 09

Yesterday, in the ordinary plenary session of June, we witnessed the harshest anger of this legislature. The reason: the motion in support of Aprosdeco for the collection of the subsidy owed to it, and which already amounts to €423.000.

It is not the first time that the plenary session of Dénia has had to make this motion due to the immense negligence of the Generalitat towards the weakest, but on this occasion, we witnessed the crossing of accusations and expletives among those who were partners in the previous one. legislature (that of the Pacte del Castell, that of progressivism in vein, that of tolerance taken to the maximum power, that of the new policy against the "old guard", well thank goodness!

Without taking into account the most obvious, which is that the APROSDECO Day Center is at the limit of its strength, PSOE and Compromis dedicated their speeches to throwing things at their heads with a deep hatred and leaving aside all the blah blah blah about equality, solidarity, progressivism and other stories. What we saw was a tremendously sad and unfortunate visceral crossing of disqualifications in the most literal sense of both words.

Seeing how the Mayor and his former first lieutenant viciously attacked each other and contemplating how upset our town councilor became, with his spirits exacerbated as he has rarely been seen (and look what character he does not lack) was an unfortunate spectacle. and unseemly. Politicians represent all citizens and that was a shame.

The Mayor, instead of ensuring that all the councilors had their turn to speak, without batting an eyelid denied Mr. Carrió a turn to reply, demonstrating once again his spirit, his good nature and his tolerance with those who are not from his rope.

And of all this fight, more typical of gang members than of public representatives, the most affected and invisible, diluted between the internal fights of the Pacte del Botanic and ex Castell, are the families that make up APROSDECO, because they are the ones who are paying the price of their bad
and those who are suffering the consequences of the dismemberment of those who call themselves "progress" groups.

A year ago we found ourselves in this same situation and we already signed a motion unanimously that apparently has served very little, because it is clear that they have not even been watching so that this does not happen again.

Gentlemen of the PSOE and Compromis, stop your dirty moves and dedicate yourselves to solving the serious problems that APRODESCO is going through.

  1. javi says:

    as or deniero I feel ashamed of that situation for bullshit there is money to promote themselves with public money also the money is not yours it belongs to the people manage better and pay and the weakest pay the price as always my solidarity with aprosdeco and families of sorrow

  2. Marina says:

    APROSDECO: Non-profit association of mothers, fathers, relatives and guardians of people with intellectual functional diversity that since 1974 has been committed to innovating, promoting and making available to people with functional diversity all the resources and support to improve their quality. of life.
    Only Dear Mayor of Denia of the Socialist Party, you should be in favor of claiming from your Government in the Generalitat Valenciana the debt that is owed to you.

    The Lords of diversity, the Lords of progressivism, the Lords of equality... where is that support for people who need it like a Center for people with special needs?
    Excuse me for interfering, but as a citizen of Denia I tell you that; THERE IS MONEY FOR COLORED FLAGS IN ALL TOWN HALLS, WEB'S AND OTHER SOCIALIST issues… but NO MONEY FOR A CENTER FOR PEOPLE WITH FUNCTIONAL DIVERSITY? They do not want to raise a flag... and I remind them that less talk and more do... that despite a lot of marketing and progressive words... the Denieros WANT SOLUTIONS and MANAGEMENT, THAT WHAT IS DUE IS PAID, and more if possible in certain and sensitive situations .

    LESS PROPAGANDA AND MORE TO DO FOR DENIA AND ITS CITIZENS. PAY what you owe to APROSDECO; And, since Ximo Puig came here to the socialist meeting of the year... less shrimp and more tell the Ministry to PAY.

    Debts at the end of May 2022.
    5 pending invoices, all for 2022 (January, €71.839,96; February, €84.581,2; March, €97.502,64; April, €76.436,84; and May, €93.022,36), which add up to one debt of €423.383. The invoice for June 2022 must be included.

    PS: And in personal opinion; They should pay APROSDECO with interest, Socialists and Compromís gentlemen.