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Opinion of Vicent Martín, technician from the Office of Innovation: "The validity of a local project with raons globals"

03 June 2020 - 13: 28

Abans of donating the form to a project is common to view as it follows. Normally it is in full precedents or the evolution of the subject itself. In music, i altres disciplines artístiques, s'usa molt allò de les “influències”. Quan s'intervista an artist who has just presented a work l sol sol ask about the influences that has rebut. Of vegades is the mateix author who comments who have sigut les seues. Culture is what differentiates l'ésser humà: anem construint sobre allò que ja han fet, or dit, altres. The treballs are unique based on the ability to interpret the personality of the one who defines it.

Quan Dénia writes the candidacy for a Creative City of Gastronomy, the technicians and consultants in charge of reflecting on this singularity, but it is also fixed in trends, visions and policies that are more than familiar. The darrere have their own "influences": sustainability, identity, creativity, innovation, proximity, culture, heritage, local ... Commitments of the project in the territory and the people. Tot allò is to reflect on a heartfelt, credible and authentic candidacy that, finally, will be the reconnection of Unesco, with all that it implies.

Shortly after being awarded the reconeixement, he is going to create the Office of Innovation and Creativity, in charge of developing the project. One of the first tasques will be the Pla d'Acció Denia & Marina Alta #Tastinglife. Fou a treball of investigation to diagnose the capes that make up the teixits of the agro-gastronomic culture of the Marina Alta des totes les seues vessants possibles. Through the production, commercialization, territory, training / education, responsible consumption, cuisine, innovation, tourism or culture and tradition, we are going to build a perfect plan for the Marina Alta, a territory that looks to the future from respect for its own history. i tradition. Singularity.

To document that research and donate-li contingut teòric ens vam reflect in tots those organisms or institutions that speak a llenguatge semblant to which we volíem transmetre: Unesco, Agenda 2030, FAO, Food Policy Pact of Milà (of which Dénia forms part of 2017), Organització Mundial del Turisme (OMT), Fòrum Rural Mundial (FRM); Forum d'Accés a la Terra (FMAT), plans, programs and territorial strategies of the European Union, nationals or regionals on food, agriculture, innovation or tourism. Tota a tavern that enshrined the discourse, but also that, at the mateix temps, ens transmetera confirmed that Dénia and the Marina Alta for the first time in the historical seua (amb permís del comerç de la pansa) formed part of a global stage , compartint mirades, objectius i fins i tot accions, ambsome d'aquestos organisms. Això is an act d'autoafirmació col·lectiva molt important a tindre en compte.

Molt s'ha parlat aquests last months on the rumb which pot i / o deu to protect the world socioeconomics. Hi you have seen that they reinforce the local communities, the production of food resources, industry and all that can guarantee the safety and quality of life of the six inhabitants. If we think of this premise, in the Marina Alta, as a receiving territory, Això represents Molt on an economic scale, because it is a territory that is largely measured by residents, according to residences and visitors of other territories, per tant, hem de reinforce for more, if any, that is full of basic guarantees. But not just això, ho hem de fer amb els valors i the personality that corresponds to such a unique territory. The nostre great value afegit, of which so much is the last, is the mateix territorial, take care of it,
aprofitar-lo i anar summing the subtraction of values ​​affegits com the qualitat, the tradition, the professionalitat, the sustainability, the innovation or the investment. It is the one that ens permetrà continue to feel special. Això is not for relocating third countries.

It is veritably difficult to predict predictions, to be able to unravel a stage in few months. They are so many that somebody will fix. In many cases, the day-to-day personal needs exceed what they predicted. Follow as follow, such as heme written in previous articles «estem a prop i anem avant», had the strong conviction that the camí encetat is the one that is going to follow and is the one that can benefit the whole of the social, economic and natural of the region.

Ho tenim clar, i és molt motivador to share aquest discurs amb tants altres Territories de la Xarxa Unesco, Ciutats, Organismes or Instituciones de tot el món, but in this case the fetus that the last dies s'hi haja summed up the European Commission , a document so concrete and so close to our idea that more than once, sense dubte, deixa ben clar cap a on s'han to direct the European policies, which will mark the food trends in the next few years.

The aforementioned European Commission has just published in Brussel·les (20/05/2020), in a communication to the Parlament Europeu, the Economic and Social Committee, and the Comitè de les Regions, the seua estratègia "From farm to farm" (which ben bé remembers the project encetat recentment by the Diputació de València: “From the other to the plat”), an open, determined and public proposal for social transformation. The coincidence of the nous postulats europeus amb camí mamprés per Dénia, is one more month to the project initiat amb incorporated it into the xarxa of Ciutat Creatives de Unesco. It is interesting to know the European document and in a next article it will be used to analyze it and determine how it will affect our perspectives.

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