Opinion of Vicent Grimalt: "A pressupost per a l'any de l'esperança"

February 19 from 2021 - 15: 30

We are going to enter both, you win a year 2021, which must be the end of the pandemic, which does not carry a mark anyway. L'any de l'esperança: because the vaccination has to neutralize the threat of COVID-19 and because the return to normality has to donate the economic breath that is necessary for the recovery of the country and the tranquility.

For this any d'esperança, from the Dénia City Council, we have decided the pressupost that has to contribute to fer-la possible. Because of the normality, the way of life and of fer that we will have to abandon abruptly in March 2020 is likely that it will recover the mateixa form; but we know that the new normality can be great, promising, sustainable, solid and more adapted to the ensurts that, for now, the cert, the future can be prepared.

For the foundation of solid fonaments for the eixa hope on which I began to build the new future, the municipal pressupost for 2021 with three basic pilars: l'augment de les ajudes socials, the support to the politiques d'ocupació i la promotion of local investment.

The objective is twofold: to manage, by a band, the crisis and the new necessities derived from the extension of the health emergency; and continue, at the end of the day, executing the public policies programmed by the legislature. I believe that this second point, I insist that it is not an attempt to prioritize the fulfillment of a certain program of government per damunt of the reality of the moment, but to maintain the compromises of Millora de la Ciutat and that this pandemic does not stop projectes also basic for Dénia with the Millora and construcció d'instal·lacions educatives i esportives, the redevelopment of carrers, the energy efficiency, the neteja and totes eixes petites performances that the Citizens claim and that they are the guarantors of welfare on a day-to-day basis.

That the pandemic faith catches us in an abandoned city, but also in a Dénia prepared to face the new stage and offer business, commercial, tourism, so important here, the most expensive and the million resources. I als veïns i veïnes, the million cry per a viure.
The first pillar of the pressupost 2021 are social resources, always important but vital. Hem reinforces the area of ​​Social Services for a fer in front of the necessities derived from the pandemic with an increase of 9% of the amount allocated to this area: € 70.000 per month and a total of € 300.000 per to ensure coverage to the people per month affected by the current crisis. It also increases the amount for the Service of Help to Domicili, which gives you a price of € 260.000, 10% more than the previous exercise; i the minor and minor family adjustments from 0 to 3 years of schooling in infantile centers, to favor family and work conciliation.

The segon eix dels comptes municipals, the promotion of the occupation, is materialized with € 100.000 initials per the posada in marxa de plans d'ocupació adreçats als col·lectius with more difficulties to access or rejoin the labor market enmig of this crisis. The pressupost 2021 also included the contribution of the City Council of Dénia to the Parèntesi de Generalitat: € 343.000, per part of the consistory, to complete the global of more than 2 million that will be distributed among autonomous and micro-businesses per to help them to resist while they arrive temps millors.

I have also just presented the Strategic Plan for Commerce, an eina d'ajuda to the sector that they are beginning to implement, at the same time that the pressupost for this area bids bidding, it was foreseen to develop a Market Place for Dénia and contribute to the digitalization from our local commerce, a future option for the inqüestionable.

I in the third chapter, d'inversions, what hi can trobar? Actions as necessary as the urbanization of accesses for the nou col·legi Raquel Payà, the rehabilitation of the façade of the House of Culture, the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of carrer Pintor Llorens amb Marquesat, enlumenat public by carrer Aldebarán i the renovation of Nova Dénia, the repair of the Mercat sòl and the kitchen of the Santa Llúcia Residence. Also the initiation of the actions in Torrecremada, on a future university campus, the new pavelló esportiu and the redevelopment of Glorieta i les carrers adjacents. Increase així mateix l'esforç in the neteja, the maintenance of the green areas and the millet of l'estalvi energètic.

I tot això, sense to push the imposts, thanks to the surplus resulting from a good management of the resources.
Hi trobem also contributions from the rest of the municipal groups: € 12.000 per to the drafting of the project of the roundabout of l'accés to the Santa Llúcia Residence, about Compromís; amb Gent de Dénia hem acquires the commitment to pressupostar, at càrrec del romanent del pressupost de 2020, the projecte de millora of the ill·luminació del passeig de la Marineta; i recollected the proposal of the group Ciudadanos to participate in the design of the children's park that will install the Bosc de Diana. Totes and tots have followed escorts and invited to enhance this pressupost and to suggest future actions to reinvest the romance of 2020.

The pressupost for this any d'esperança is realistic and adapts to the current conjuncture, but sense will lose the illusion in the future. A pressupost dissenyat per nosaltres, l'equip de govern, però, for more than mai, escort-you to you, the ciutadania.

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