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Opinion of Vicent Grimalt, mayor of Dénia: «Des de casa»

09 2020 April - 15: 10

From home hem proved that it is powerful ferns coses. From the social distance, it is necessary and necessary for me to feel more than I do. From home we have learned to appreciate that it is really important; to reflect on the impact of each of the three actions, with society and with individuals; to value the agrarian, sincerely, with the heart, the woman who moltes people, from the first line, are fent day by day per nosaltres.

And from home, too, this is the beginning of the construction of the future that will follow this present in which they have detedut, in a way that is estraya, the vines that we understand so well. Opinant, treballant, contribuant-hi idees, col·laborant, reinventant, resistint ... totes and tots estem donant-li form eixe in addition to the last day of confinement that tots imaginem hopeçats.

From home, too, the Ajuntament s'hi has posed mans a l'obra por to ensure that in addition to serem totes i tots amb opportunitats noves, reprenent projectes, fent renàixer la Ciutat; with sufficient resources to l'abast per a, in cap cas, donate-li espai a la desperança. We have clarified that 2 million of the liquidation, positive molt, of the 2019 pressupost will invest in social security and for the companies, pimes and self-employed. It is up to Ara to specify the actions that will be posed in Marx, immediately, because none of them is involved. I in this store comptem amb the col·laboració, invaluable and continuous from the beginning of the health crisis, of the business and tourism sector (CEDMA i AEHTMA) i de tots els partits amb represented the consistori (Compromís, Partit Popular, Ciutadans i Gent de Dénia, more than PSPV-PSOE, to the govern).

I also shared with you that the whole of the city is arriving at different times: the best radiography of the needs that mateix are priorities and of the concerns that respect the prevailing future.

The next setmana will constitute the interdepartmental commission, amb represented political and technical, which will treballarà in the concretion of the mesures d'ajuda to the people and reactivation of the economy.
From home, in addition, the municipal climbers and climbers continue to attend the day to day of this situation and advance the drafting and process of the projects that, once the crisis was over, they would return to pose in Marx to continue with the transformation of the city. Projects that donate feina, to companies, to people. Projectes that will breathe life into Dénia i l'aire of relative normality that tots estem desitjant to breathe again.

From home, in this estea ajudant moltíssim. Estem ajudant moltíssim, and decisively, to stop the expansion of this global threat of which, according to, n'aprendrem moltes coses: the first, the great capacity and courage that tenan quan treballem junts. The second, the need for fer, seriosament, the change of mentality that ensues permetrà viure in a context of respect for each person and the privileged nature that ensues in this world. The mentality canvi that will guarantee a futur.

The corba begins to give way, the rhythm of contagis s'alenteix. Dénia stands out among the cities that have been the most fet: 96% of the non-heme inhabitants of the most nearby residential area, according to a study by the Generalitat.
Per tot això, moltíssimes gràcies. Keep us alert, stay home. I, what a touch, in retrobarem als carrers per a reprendre la feina, celebrate bones notícies, honor those who have so much helped and acomiadar com cal those who have deixat.


  1. César Pino Domínguez says:

    Without attitude, Mr. Mayor, I am from Madrid and I have come to live in Denia. City that I love, I am registered here and I am interested in everything that concerns this my new Municipality. Would your communications in Spanish also be possible? Very grateful for your attention.

    • this says:

      But still he has not realized that he is not wanted here, go away, or better go all those who do not speak Valencian!
      How do you want us to make you understand!
      We here with the fishing and the four oranges that we collect we have plenty to live on!

  2. Felipe García says:

    I would be grateful to the Mayor for his videos and statements also in Spanish, because otherwise many of us will not find out. Or is it that you don't know Spanish?

  3. genoveva says:

    Good morning …..
    I have not been able to find the translation of our mayor's message….
    Can you tell me how I can get it?

    Thank you

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