Opinion of Populares Dénia: «It is seen that with 7 years of government they have not had enough time to manage the train»

03 June 2022 - 12: 42

The Popular Party of Dénia exposes its position before the last declarations (photo included) of the meeting of our mayor with other munícipes of the Safor and with representatives of the Generalitat before the proposal of our Regional President on the long-awaited tram that will connect both counties .

Those who bragged about the toy bus station and have now closed the toilets for passengers.

Those who did the "work" of Valgamedios and had to botched it and now will redo it again.

Those who in seven years have not been able to carry out a General Structural Plan, because we are not even talking about the PGOU.

Those who promised that the "trenet" would be in a year and we have been seven without it.

Those who said they did not like the ARRU of Les Roques and killed it and thus left thousands of citizens without the possibility of applying for substantial aid to improve their homes.

Those that allowed several areas of Dénia to be left without a telephone or internet connection for several months.

Those who did not want to help restaurateurs and businessmen by exempting the payment of the occupation rate of public thoroughfares as other neighboring municipalities have done.

Those who fill their mouths talking about dialogue and citizen participation, but then make arbitrary decisions against merchants, restaurateurs and neighbors in the center.

Those who, even seeing the high rates of inflation and how badly many citizens in Dénia are having it, have not had any qualms about raising rates: rubbish, market, Santa Lucía residence...

Those who have not moved a finger except for their own interests, those are now the ones who promise to have a tram, not a train, in eight years to connect us with Gandia.

And they promise it now because seeing that nobody did anything or made a move, the president of the Provincial Council, Carlos Mazón, promised to take on the project despite not being within his competence. It is seen that with 7 years of government they have not had enough time to manage this issue and now, one year after elections, they are in a hurry.

That yes, what they do well is to answer our press releases, with cheap demagoguery, but they answer.

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