Popular Opinion Dénia: "The works in our streets"

24 July 2020 - 14: 10

We have been seeing how this government team is carrying out a series of interventions on our streets for some time, some motivated to create more space for pedestrians, on the occasion of COVID-19, and others to improve, renovate and / or adapt the roads and sidewalks with greater wear, either due to the weather or due to the traffic they endure.

From the Popular Party we support that any action aimed at improving the urban environment as long as the idiosyncrasy of this city is taken into account, which has just come out of a confinement of months and whose main income comes from Tourism.

Until an effective deseasonalisation is achieved, which is still far away, the summer months lead to a sharp rise in the population. What in principle is good for the municipal economy, obviously causes a greater increase in traffic and discomfort in access to the urban center, which should not be further hindered by the execution of works, given that one year is twelve months, and of they, there are at least ten in which the works would be more bearable at all levels.

Likewise, we understand that resources are scarce, so we believe that they should be used to improve all the neighborhoods of the city, giving priority to those that are most degraded by the state of their sidewalks, the lack of lighting, poor asphalt and bumpy, damaged or non-existent street furniture…. It is obvious that all neighborhoods have their problems, so we do not understand what it makes sense to focus spending on one area, the center, which comparatively is much better than the rest of the city, and which, also, according to what we have seen published in the press and on social networks, he rejects the actions proposed by the Government Team.

That is why we have proposed to the plenary session various alternatives in which to invest the subsidy of the Alicante Provincial Council that would improve the quality of life of all the residents without coming into confrontation with any of them, for example:

  • An ambitious asphalt plan in It montgó y Les Rotes.
  • The expansion of the safety zone (COVID-19) for pedestrians to all neighborhoods.
  • Study and execution of public lighting in those areas of our municipality that still lack such a basic service.
  • Revision of city tree pits and replacement of trees in those areas that require it.
  • Execution of sewer branches in areas that do not yet have it.

These and many other projects could be undertaken with the funds of the Provincial Council, they would be welcomed by the public, who is who this money really belongs to, and they would take Dénia to the XNUMXst century. The bad thing is that maybe they would not generate as many headlines or have such a good photo, and it seems that this matters more to the municipal group of the PSOE that the fact of being able to effectively improve the lives of the residents of this city.

  1. this says:

    I think the City Council is more to give the
    Important news (example: about the rules of behavior for corona virus) in Valencian, a language unknown to the vast majority of our inhabitants and visitors.
    Same system used in Catalonia by the extreme left!
    The government of this city is not interested in people who have been feeding us for decades!
    If you do not like tourism, I hope you will convince multinational companies to come and start companies here, they will surely have many contacts and they will be happy to come.

  2. Alfonso says:

    The exhibition of people from denia is totally reasonable.
    If the government group is preparing something about it, they should let you know as soon as possible.
    It has been a long time since improvising a lot and important solutions that provide comfort and security to citizens and tourists as well as to the commercial fabric of the city are not faced.

  3. Teresa Masian says:

    I agree with the PP proposal. because the abandonment situation of the peripheral areas is shameful. The same potholes in the streets as it was years ago, the same dirt on the entire Las Marinas highway ... he only cares about the center and not everything. I don't know how this City Council uses the money it collects

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