"No dialysis for non-residents"

February 09 from 2023 - 09: 16

It is very sad to hear news like this. In it Marina Health Hospital In Dénia there is or was a dialysis service for kidney patients which worked with deficiencies, but served residents and tourists who needed it. Well, this service, like many others in the hospital, is failing. In recent days, of the three nephrologists, two no longer practice here in Dénia, and the dialysis service is only offered to residents, denying it to non-residents. With which, they must travel to Alicante or Valencia, or paying Benidorm.

Dialysis treatments are long, even for some they are for life, and the patient is tired, and he is not always in a position to undertake trips. The most normal thing is that they are applied wherever the patient is, even if it is on vacation. But the reality is quite different and unfortunate.

It is sad to see how the health services in our region degenerate, failing to attend to something that is basic and fundamental such as health.

In Gent de Dénia we do not understand why human resources and technical equipment are not coordinated to carry out dialysis. In the same way it happens with the working conditions of doctors, who, tired of claiming their rights, go to other countries where their work and worth are recognized. Here we are paying for the university training of the great doctors we have so that other countries can benefit later. It is not understood how the Ministry does not watch over something as important as the proper functioning of hospitals.

Gent de Dénia denounces this situation and also claims that the necessary efforts be made so that this dialysis service, so necessary for many patients, residents or not, is satisfied, with the desire that this be transferred, not only in this service, but in all those who belong to public health.

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  1. Cesar Pino Dominguez says:

    This is very simple. It happens because health is cut into pieces as a result of the creation of autonomous communities and the laziness and irresponsibility of the Central government on duty.
    Surely it will not happen with irregular non-EU citizens.
    God free us from the MINISTRY OF GREAT INEQUALITY!, Who only cares about the collection of millions to tell us that according to their opinion, our children and grandchildren WILL WEAR BRIEFS, PANTIES, BRAS, THONGS, earrings in their ears, pins, where they can suppose, as this ministry pleases them to convince them that they are not WHAT THEY ARE. Act with them as with the chicken sex: your Gay, your lesbian, your child, we'll see; You VARON! castration and jail.
    This is the Spain WE HAVE…….is it the one we WANT?
    Good Morning.