Opinion of Javier Scotto (PSPV): "The PP candidate confuses the Criminal Court with the Gender Violence Court"

February 01 from 2023 - 16: 01

Indeed, we are in pre-election period. But not everything goes, lady Pepa Font. And I am addressing specifically the brand new candidate of the Popular Party for mayor of Dénia, who has just requested "a court of gender violence" in our Palace of Justice, because the current spokesperson for the popular group in the town hall, María Mut, would never have gone to the press claim a service that exists in Dénia since 2008 (Inaugurated, by the way, by the socialist mayoress Paqui Viciano and the councilor De la Rosa, from the Popular Party).

Well yes, Mrs. Font, it turns out that in the Dénia Palace of Justice there is already a Gender Violence Court and, in addition, the current socialist government of Dénia has ceded premises to the Judicial Department, on Pedreguer street, to expand the facilities of that specialized court, temporarily until the construction of the extension of the Palace of Justice.

In addition, these municipal offices incorporate the forensic and psychosocial assessment unit, which are really the necessary services for the assessment of the victim.

I understand that Mrs. Font has confused the Gender Violence Court, which she should know already exists if she wants to be mayor of the city, with the Criminal Court, which as a historical policy of the city should also know that it has been claimed and claimed before the Ministry for decades.

If I spoke, as I have already commented, with the spokeswoman for the municipal group of the PP, instead of with those "relevant personalities from the world of the judiciary and the legal profession" that he claims to have consulted, would you know that in November 2021 all municipal groups, including the Popular Party, requested the Ministry of Justice, Interior and Public Administration , "to urge the Ministry of Justice to create the necessary jurisdictional bodies to meet the needs of the Judicial Party of Dénia, specifically the Criminal Court, as well as the activation of the Court of First Instance Number Six, whose creation is already approved, as well as the forecast of the number Seven».

This Criminal Court is the one that would solve that the victims, of any crime, have to travel to Benidorm in case of oral trials.

With this forecast, in fact, a plot of land adjoining the current Palace of Justice has been ceded to the Ministry; for that, precisely, to expand services, and among them to obtain, in the medium term, the defendant Criminal Court.

Mrs. Font, stop using the victims and abandon the political opportunism with which you try to cover up the fact that this is a government that does not stop, nor has it stopped working for everything that Dénia needs. Campaigning at the headline, without really being interested in the complexity of the issue of violence against women, to the point of confusing terms, does not give it any credibility.

In fact, what you are asking for now, in a confused and erroneous way, has been done and we will continue to do it.

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  1. Manuel Femenia says:

    That I vote for you chapote!!!