Opinion of Compromís per Dénia: "I return with the xacacà of the train"

January 20 from 2023 - 13: 35

By fi! The first bus of Tram Line 9 has arrived, which joins the capital of the province. He faces that he is retarded, because the infrastructure had to be complete at the beginning of the legislature. Però ja sabem, it remains a thousand things to inaugurate in seasons.

With delay we will also arrive in Alicante if we do not take the tram with 181 days in advance. 3 hours of travel in a modernitzat train, fent stops and transfers in Teulada and Benidorm.

In the funds, this infrastructure is not a pitjor servei -yes it is more secure- than the one that existed in 2015, but... Does anyone think that it will be a practical servei for the citizens? Or is it more of a tourist-oriented service? This investment that is paid by all the Valencians and Valencians serves to structure the region, but in practice it is not profitable for the day to day of the people who need to travel to study or work.

And this railway connection model is the one they defend PP i PSOE. Ximo Puig profits by announcing that it is expected to go to tender this week for a preliminary study for a second tram line that will connect to Gandia.

To Compromís For Dénia, this project is electoral and does not solve the problem of the connectivity of the regions of La Marina and La Safor with the provincial capitals. There are no inconsistencies, but it is all about the vindication of the history of the 40 years and that has united the entire civil society to the crit of “Volem el Tren”. The promise of investing 250 million of the GVA for a service with these sols would be more delayed than the investment that the Spanish State has to make for the Tren de la Costa.

Seguim and seguiremos aïllats. The tramway is open, and the one that is planned to unite us both in Gandia, does NOT serve for long distances, or to unite us efficiently between Alicante or Valencia. And what happens when a public transport is not efficient? That we end up not using it, and it is not profitable for the public treasury.

With those words "Don't feed them molles, let's take the walker" could define our position on the voltant of the news of the week. Improvised and electoral solutions are not worth it. Volem a global solution. A solution that happens for a worthy investment that neither the PP nor the PSOE in the central government have been able to comply with the Safor and the Navy.

The Marina Alta needs a decent service, not just tourist services paid per tots and totes. It is clear that tourism is important, but if we subordinate all of our resources, efforts and service to this, we will not guarantee our economic sustainability.

  1. Luis says:

    Why, when a user makes a comment in Valencian, others make it ugly and recriminate him, but when a user makes a comment in English, German, Dutch, etc., everyone is silent and does not demand with the same impetus that he comment in Spanish? I said Spanish, not Castilian… Can you answer the question Jose Luis?

  2. Severiano Fernandez Salgado says:

    I just sent an email with the same opinion, it would be logical to make the comments or news in Spanish. All the best

  3. Severiano Fernandez Salgado says:

    I do not understand it, I hope that these comments and news are given in Spanish

  4. José Luis says:

    It is that you do not know Spanish, or you are mistaken, (as very lovers of the region). Thus, we do not find out, the rest, and we are taxpayers

  5. Wenceslao says:

    I had all the reason. It is a slow train that is not profitable for going to Alicante or Valencia, via Gandía, when Deu vullga que estiga fet. In addition, it is not up to the current needs of society, for example, that pets cannot travel, that not even so many suns can enter the station, flee by flee. Ens prenen el pel.

    • José Luis says:

      It is that you do not know Spanish, or you are mistaken, (as very lovers of the region). Thus, we do not find out, the rest, and we are taxpayers