Om Life Dénia, your new space in Dénia for your inner well-being and personal development

February 20 from 2019 - 13: 05

Om Life Dénia is your new location in Dénia, ideal if you are looking to find yourself and live an experience of physical and mental balance. At Om Life Dénia you can enjoy a moment of relaxation and apply to your life that inner well-being that we are looking for.

There are many services that we find in Om Life Dénia, among them, they emphasize their Aeroyoga certified classes and Aeromeditation, a different experience in the air that will make you develop mentally and emotionally. In addition you can also find Hathayoga, Mindfullnes and endless variety of massages. For more information do not hesitate to contact Om Life Dénia on the phone 667 51 19 66

Aeroyoga® and Aeromeditación

This artistic yoga system is carried out in a hammock with six stirrups hanging on the ceiling, which allow to execute a great diversity of postures as well as exercises in different heights.

The sessions are of 45 minutes practicing postures and 15 minutes of relaxation. If you are looking for new challenges and want to boost your personal development, ending your fears, leaving behind stress and anxiety, do not hesitate, this activity is for you.

In addition, the Aeroyoga will allow you to tone and strengthen your muscles and joints, as well as improve your overall physical condition.

The benefits are numerous:

- Eliminates back pain.
- Stretch the spine: decompress the vertebrae, "oxygenates" the spinal cord.
- Contributes to good lymphatic and circulatory drainage.
- Facilitates growth and physical stretching.
- Fights cellulite and sagging.
- Reactivates circulation.
- Regenerates and strengthens the joints.
- Reactivates the digestive and respiratory system.
- Develop the artistic abilities of the person.
- Fight hypertension.
- Increase creativity.
- It is extremely useful in rehabilitation (physical therapy in weightlessness).

And if you like the experience, you can go further in your development and try the aeromeditation in Om Masssage, where meditation is applied to an aeroyoga chair, as a working platform. The AEROYOGA® swing allows to execute several more accessible and ergonomic postures for knees and spine with great leg and hip stability.

Therefore, this meditation system avoids the inconvenience of an uncomfortable posture when meditating helping to appease our mind and achieve a greater state of inner peace.

Hatha Yoga

In the Hatha Yoga sessions you can combine meditation to calm the mind and various breathing techniques. In addition to body work, with the practice of postures and relaxation techniques.

Hatha Yoga sessions are for you if you love to enjoy peace and quiet, explore new levels of yourself and if you need to dissolve those false beliefs that generate stress or anxiety.

These sessions will help you in your personal transformation process thanks to different practices and tips aimed at experimenting new aspects of yourself.


Mindfulness means mindfulness, that is, focusing on the here and now. It is about the flow of thoughts decreasing and that you focus on what is happening at this moment.

During the mindfulness session you will practice breathing and relaxation exercises. The moment you reach a certain state of stillness, the facilitator will guide you to observe the content of your thought. In this state of calm, your fears and beliefs will be observed and may be transcended.

Om Coaching

The sessions are individual and in them, the tools of strategic coaching are used to take you to reach your goals. It is based on three points: strategy, clarity in the approach and coherence with this approach.

Wide variety of specialized massages

Holistic Massage

Full body manual massage that harmoniously integrates chiromassage maneuvers, sounds, rituals and aromas focused on the balance of the physical, energetic and mental body to achieve a state of peace and calm, corporal and spiritual. It is indicated for all types of people, especially for people with sleep and stress problems.

Relaxing Massage

It is a manual massage, where different chiromassage maneuvers and sensitive massage are performed with relaxed hands and soul present, applying different levels of intensity and depth to achieve a true relaxation of the muscles.

Decontracting massage with hot peat

Immediate relief of joint pain thanks to the temperature of the peat and the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect of the active ingredients present in the formulas.

Massage on site

Massage by acupressure chair. Relieves muscular tensions due to repetitive movements or bad postures. Avoid sick leave. Indicated especially for companies.


Manual massage of very varied manipulations that include different maneuvers and stretching. Neuromuscular bandage and cross taping can be used if necessary. The time can vary a lot depending on the needs of the patient.

Mindfulness massage

The mindfulness massage is the combination of a guided mindfulness practice to subsequently internalize the experience through a massage session in which techniques of massage and sensitive massage are combined to achieve maximum relaxation and understanding.

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