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Om Life Dénia

Om Life Dénia, your experience of physical and mental balance. Enjoy a moment of relaxation and achieve that inner well-being that you are looking for. Discover its numerous services: Aeroyoga certified classes, Aeromeditation, Hathayoga, Mindfulness and endless variety of massages.

Specialized massages

- Holistic Massage
- Relaxing massage
- Decontracting massage with hot peat
- Massage on site
- Chiromassage
- Mindfulness massage

Aeroyoga® and Aeromeditación

Artistic yoga system that is carried out in a hammock with six stirrups hanging on the ceiling, which allow to execute a great diversity of postures as well as exercises in different heights.

- Eliminates back pain
- Stretches the spine: decompresses the vertebrae, "oxygenates" the spinal cord
- Contributes to good lymphatic and circulatory drainage
- Facilitates growth and physical stretching
- Fight cellulite and flaccidity. - Reactivates circulation
- Regenerates and strengthens joints
- Reactivates the digestive and respiratory system
- Develops the artistic abilities of the person
- Combat hypertension. - Increase creativity
- It is extremely useful in rehabilitation (physiotherapy in weightlessness)

Aeromeditation: meditation on an aeroyoga chair, as a work platform. The AEROYOGA® swing allows to execute several more accessible and ergonomic postures for knees and spine with great leg and hip stability.

Hatha Yoga

Combination of meditation, to calm the mind, and various breathing techniques. In addition to body work, with the practice of postures and relaxation techniques.

These sessions will help you in your personal transformation process thanks to different practices and tips aimed at experimenting new aspects of yourself.


Mindfulness means mindfulness, that is, focusing on the here and now. It is about the flow of thoughts decreasing and that you focus on what is happening at this moment. In this state of calm, your fears and beliefs will be observed and may be transcended.

Om Coaching

The sessions are individual and in them, the tools of strategic coaching are used to take you to reach your goals. It is based on three points: strategy, clarity in the approach and coherence with this approach.

Find out all the details at their facilities in Carrer de Sertori, 9.


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