Official: the hotel industry closes, business hours are reduced and the Government is asked to advance the curfew at 20:00

January 19 from 2021 - 15: 02

Ximo Puig appeared a few minutes ago at a press conference to announce the new restrictions that have been agreed upon after the emergency interdepartmental meeting that they have held in recent hours.

The coronavirus curve has been skyrocketing in the Valencian Community in recent weeks, causing the health departments to approach a critical situation and starting admissions to the field hospitals in Valencia and Alicante. "We have to end the social contacts that have strained the hospital system"announced the president.

As we anticipated, one of the new measures that seeks to reduce infections is the total closure of bars, cafes and restaurants, and for the first time bingo halls and betting houses. It is already official, the hospitality industry will close the entire Valencian Community from Thursday 21 at 00:00 and, for now, until the 14th day. Only take away food will be allowed, locally or with delivery people, and cafeterias and restaurants of hospitals, hotel establishments (only for lodged clients), services in workplaces for the use of exclusive employees, school and institute dining rooms, and service areas.

In addition, the closing of shops is decreed at 18:00 p.m. during that period, except those essential such as pharmacies or food. Sports facilities will also be closed except for elite athletes and national competitions.

Similarly, Puig has announced that they have transferred to the Government of Spain their request to increase the curfew so that it starts at 20:00. For now, it is Moncloa that has to approve this last restriction.

  1. Maria Carmen says:

    Either you close all the bars or none of them all have the right to work I also have a bar but since I do not make takeout I have to close the change the bar that is in front of the Carlet metro station has been open from six in the morning I do not believe Nobody asks for a bogadillo at six in the morning or a takeaway but after the law and cheating from six in the morning until it closes, it is full of people drinking coffee and beers and the rest that we do not do take away we have the bars closed that little shame we all have the same rights or we close all or none

  2. Joseph says:

    These decisions are political and not at all sanitary since it has been more than demonstrated that the restrictive measures of business closings and other restrictions make every day records of infections are broken even more than when no mask measures or any restriction were taken. What naivety of these politicians and people who think that it is the fault of the people that we get infected…. We must assume after 3 year of experience that each and every one of us is going to catch it.
    Poor hospitality people and other businesses that are plunging them into poverty these politicians who, from their assured salary in their armchairs, allow themselves the luxury of taking these measures to look good with their voters who accept these closings, mostly retirees, politicians and civil servant of course since at the end of the month they have a guaranteed salary. But the rest of the citizens who give them ...

    • Anon says:

      On the contrary, the restrictions are not enough. Spain is capitalist first and foremost and the way to get the numbers up on its accounts is to keep it open as much as possible.
      It is not difficult to see that without contact with the infected you cannot infect yourself.
      Do some research on the 1918 Spanish flu which was almost the same as now, and it killed 50.000.000 people with the world's population half that of now. You will see that the important thing is to survive. Money is not important if you are dead.
      In the big picture the politicians, safe in their homes with vaccines, don't care who you are if you die because at the end of the day, we are just numbers too.