Eight musicians join the Dénia Band at the Santa Cecilia concert of 2017

November 14 from 2017 - 06: 39

Next November 25, the Agrupació Artística Musical de Dénia will celebrate the concert in honor of the patron saint of music, Santa Cecilia. As usual, this appointment will serve to welcome new musicians who join the band, as well as to honor the musicians who celebrate their silver wedding in the group.

This year eight new members joined the Banda de Dénia: Oriana Amaral (clarinet), Roberto Benlloch (trumpet), Elsa García (oboe), Aixa Mahiques (oboe), Pau Martínez (oboe), Emma Mengual (trumpet), Marta Vives (clarinet) and David Riera (percussion).

In addition homage will be paid to the musicians who joined the band makes 25 years and are still active: Juan Francisco Bertomeu, Vicent Crespo and Francesc Poquet.

Concert program

The concert in honor of Santa Cecilia this year will be formed by five pieces directed by Frank de Vuyst:

  • A mi madre (Roque Baños)
  • Druids (Javier Pinto)
  • Luz Aurumque (Eric Whitacre)
  • The sword and the crown (Edward Gregson)
  • Wedding of Luis Alonso (Gerónimo Giménez)

The concert will be held on Saturday, November 25, at the 20: 30 hours at the Social Center of Denia.

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