Eight gymnasts of the Gymnastics Club Dénia will be in the Autonomous Championship

February 15 from 2020 - 22: 52

Last week the Dénia Gymnastics Club played in Monforte del Cid the provincial phase of the National individual base championship and the joint base cup, in which 10 of the gymnasts performed their exercises with good feelings, getting 8 of them their pass to the regional.

The results obtained in this provincial competition were the following: in the 2008 children's category Shasa has failed to qualify, in the 2007 children's category Amanda was third, in Cadet 2006 Juncal failed to qualify, in the Cadet 2005 category Lucia was third, and the cadet set formed by Luna, Dharma, Nalu, Salma, Carla and Zaira came first.

On the other hand, the Stella Galstyan Dianense club component has been convened by the Valencian Community Gymnastics Federation (FGCV) for the Technification Day that will take place on February 15 in the city of Almussafes.

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