Office of Attention to the Citizen of Dénia

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Monday, Wednesday and Friday: From 9 to 14 hours / Tuesday and Thursday: From 9 to 18 hours

With the aim of bringing the administration closer to the citizen by informing, the Office of Attention to the Citizen of Dénia (OAC) has improved its facilities and its services. For a few months, they have been serving citizens in the municipal offices that are next to the Town Hall, on the left side of the building.

The OAC seeks to inform, guide and advise the citizen in the performance of municipal procedures and procedures, and for this it establishes several channels in addition to the face-to-face: telephone consultations can be made on municipal and general services, and information and procedures can be accessed electronically personal through the web oac.denia.es.

What paperwork can I do at the OAC?

In the Office of Attention to the Citizen of Dénia, through the tables of personalized attention, citizens can present documentation by registration of entry or receive advice on the Electronic Headquarters. They can also:

  • Receive the demand of citizenship and, where appropriate, guide them to other public and private organizations.
  • General Electronic Entry Registry digitizing the submitted documents and returning originals to citizens:
    - Issue presentation receipts.
    - Consult annotations.
  • Advice on the operation of the Electronic Office.
  • ORVE platform referral of the writings of citizens directed to any Public Administration or body attached to it.
  • Assistance for electronic access in Citizen Folder practicing the notifications pending to be accepted by the citizen, in spontaneous appearance, as well as consultation of traffic sanctions, registrations, petitions, etc.
  • Record of complaints, notices and suggestions from the citizen to improve the functioning of municipal services.
  • Response or deviation to services, where appropriate, of the consultations to the email of the OAC.
  • Permissions for burning of agricultural remains.
  • Facilitating property situation plans.

Register of Inhabitants

From the OAC of Dénia the following procedures related to the population register can be carried out:

  • Inform specifically and personally about the Register.
  • High, changes of data and changes of address in the Register of Inhabitants.
  • Renovations and confirmations of address for foreigners registered in Dénia.
  • Elaboration of certificates or registration flyers, requested in person or telematically.
  • Certificates of Statistical data (population, inhabitants, ...)
  • Claims of votes for both national and foreign citizens.
  • Consultation and processing of claims of the Census in the Electoral Period.

Can I pay taxes from the OAC?

Yes, the Dénia Citizen Attention Office allows the realization of self-assessments necessary for the payment of taxes and fees. The payment is made by bank card in the POS.

The reception and information desk of the offices of the OAC advises users on the operation of the office and the places to which they have to go, and the documentation to be presented, for the different procedures.

It is there where the certificates and registration flyers are delivered and where they offer assistance in the payment of taxes and fees in vending machine.

You can check here the prices of the different rates.

Schedule of the OAC

The Citizen Attention Office of Denia opens its doors to Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 9: 00 in the morning to 14: 00 hours, And the Tuesday and Thursday of 9: 00 in the morning to 18: 00 hours, uninterruptedly.


Constitution Square, 10 -

  1. ALEJANDRO says:


    I do not agree with the Aqualia rate without notifying consumers in advance,
    What they would charge without prior notice, they have handled my account without my knowing it, why they were charging it.
    Without my knowing it, like many of the citizens of Denia, this is an attack on the privacy of the citizen.

    I hope that all this is solved for the good of the citizens, AND AV ISENNOS DE ANTEMANO what they think
    do before deciding new taxes.

  2. Alejandro Domingo Feernandez says:

    As a citizen of this Municipality residing in Paseo del Saladar nº 35 de Dénia.
    I feel very annoyed by the noise produced by low and high displacement motorcycles, exceeding the allowed decibel limits, the same day and night, it seems a racing circuit ..
    I ask you please on behalf of my neighbors and on my own, to take the appropriate measures to solve this problem, which we have been with for a long time.
    Thanking you in advance for all you can do, receive a cordial greeting.

  3. Andrew says:

    I am Andrés, by cdesgracia I am a resident of the Parque Deni urbanization, on the road from Denia to Xabia km1 to 2.
    The state of the sidewalk section (almost non-existent) to be able to access the urbanization is Shameful, the thickets invade the 20cm sidewalk sections (there is neither a sidewalk section) having to walk on the road, it is inexplicable that we are still, after 30 years demanding a small solution, and in his case, at least "Maintenance" that simple, because this year we have traps "stolen manhole covers" or perhaps purposely removed so that a loving citizen of Denia, has to visit also the Denia hospital (which does not lack work) to be able to spend a vacation with a plaster leg, as a bad thing….
    I really request collaboration from the neighborhood collective so that our rulers get their batteries and keep Denia as it deserves ... .. super, exuberant and full of life even if it is occasional
    Thanks to the one that corresponds to solve the issues of the day to day .... that give them life and the desire to return



  5. Maria Jesus Sanchez says:

    I have a house in the Torre de la Almadrava Urbanization, we have been here for 25. years, since then and in front of my house there is a single garbage container where waste can no longer be thrown away, it is so old and dilapidated that it cannot be opened and people throw everything around, even mattresses. No one picks it up or solves it. Would it be very difficult and expensive to do a change of containers and enable others for recycling as they have in many clean cities? Now that the city council is not going to celebrate parties I think it would be the ideal time to promote a city free of dirt

  6. Victoria Camarasa says:

    Hello, I have been coming to Denia for 43 years, I have a house here, I adore this beach, but I do not understand why nothing is done against people who do not meet the standards
    For about 5 years there have been more and more dogs on the beach, I do not have to bear one being thrown at me every time I walk along the shore of the beach. I see the simple solution, with some fine left
    It seems to me that the problem is getting more, I know that there are dog beaches but where I am going they are prohibited, please do something now. The section I am going is from the beach of las deveses to the Riu racons

  7. Victoria Camarasa says:

    Hello, I have been coming to Denia for 43 years, I have a house here, I adore this beach, but I do not understand why nothing is done against people who do not meet the standards
    For about 5 years there have been more and more dogs on the beach, I do not have to bear one being thrown at me every time I walk along the shore of the beach. I see the simple solution, with some fine left
    It seems to me that the problem is getting more, I know that there are dog beaches but where I am going they are prohibited, please do something now. The section I am going to is from the beach you owe to the Riu racons

  8. Joaquin perez says:

    It is regrettable the little attention that our town hall puts in the area of ​​cami dels lladres (c / electra), and nearby, it is difficult to walk with our pets, not only by the incivic people, but also because the stubble has not been cut from the sidewalks and you have to walk along the roads, we are only to vent the needs of the town hall, in an area that is predictably the future of Denia, for the construction of many homes .. Also remind you that this road is one of the most important for access to the institute, being a straight line the vehicles usually pass between 60 and 80 Km per hour, putting in danger when we go through the zebra crossings, which ignore them, it would be convenient to put some measure on the asphalt the retention of the speeds that are reached, we feel forgotten by our Municipal Government, being also depositaries of much of our history, with archaeological ruins that in our case they only serve to deposit the waters when it rains, and breeding grounds for tiger mosquitoes, which this year have not even bothered to spray the weeds. I beg you to solve these problems and think that we are also part of this City Council. Thank you


    I totally agree with Charo, I also have a house in Assagador de la Marjal and it's a shame how the streets are without sidewalks, how bad the town smells and how dirty it is, and the beaches to say, please They are fatally ashamed to invite friends or family, full of seaweed and dirt. It is envious to go to Javea, Calpe or any other town in Alicante, any of them are careful and spoiled for tourism. I also wonder where the money we pay taxes goes and I would like someone to answer me.
    Panganse the batteries and get to work, you have almost everyone against it and very warm, we would need someone to raise their voices and convene a demonstration and they would get away from the number of people who would follow it. I really like the town but I'm starting to consider selling it and buying it in any other town in the area.

  10. CHARO says:

    Charo 26 July 2019 10: 45

    I find it quite unfortunate that in the months of July and August, at least, the impeccable beaches are not clean, because I mean above all the beach of Las Marinas, nothing more than there is a day when the sea draws seaweed, and We have them for a week. .., or much more. The walk has been cut because the sea has taken the sand. in an area. Sand trucks were thrown out every year and it has already been invaded by water; Why it is not done? Gentlemen put the batteries; they should have them impeccable and pampered, since they live on tourism, haven't they thought about it? Or have they forgotten? There are many people who come a year and do not want to repeat because the beach is dirty and full of seaweed for days. They are losing tourism, especially foreigners, because there are many beaches throughout the Spanish geography. It is very painful that they do not take it into account, because they do not have other livelihoods as important as tourism; Please do not look the other way, because tourism in this city is being loaded.
    What about the Marinas area? Because we are paying taxes and nothing is noticeable. We do not deserve to plant some trees and take care of the green areas, sidewalks, which in some places are unstable? With the risk that you can't travel because a car can take you ahead?
    Assagador de la Marjal Street, not a single tree in the gaps that are there for them. Does the City Council want to have the spaces and not let them take care of the neighboring communities? I find it unfortunate.
    Parque de las Bassetes if there has unfortunately been a disease that has carried the palms ahead, gentlemen: plant other types of trees do not leave everything bare of plants and pamper it because they do not have another more important park in the entire city; regarding cleaning, lighting etc. Make the gardeners work, and watch their work, it seems that they are already getting up tired, if they earn a salary, which has to be worthy, they have to "work it" as they demand from others ...
    Coming by any road to the city from Las Marinas, it is very unfortunate because there is none minimally decent, and I can verify this because I have been 25 for years in this town and in this sense nothing has changed. Las Marinas road to access the town is a shame and anywhere you want to access is similar.
    I hope Sirs of Commitment to have these observations for good and this will change for the better. I am giving my opinion on behalf of many people with whom I speak and comment every day on all these things.
    I like this town, but I want it clean, with good services and, above all, with clean, dignified beaches and with common spaces, and that you can enjoy them, for that we pay our taxes. Improvements are being made, but this cannot be there; We must continue, because much remains to be done. Important!!! The unfortunate impression that these beaches give. In other places they have machines with filters so that they do not take the sand every time they clean them. Remember and fine the owners with dogs on the beach and in the water; do not allow it ... There is already a beach for dogs, to go to it.
    a greeting

  11. Concha Royo says:

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    My suggestion is to be able to make beach time more flexible for people who have pets and want, at a time that does not bother the public - as it happens in other cities on the coast and also in the neighboring countries of the European Union - get to enjoy the Beach. I think we all have the right to this use of the beach and also our pets.

    I beg you to consider this request and we can have a schedule of 6: 30h.am that on the beach there is almost nobody, from the 21: 30h. pm of the previous day.

    Thankful for your cooperation, I send you a warm greeting.

    Concha Royo

    • Manual says:

      It is a very good idea, although it would be necessary to have a cleaning patrol, for when the time of use finished, they will enter the beach to verify that no owner had forgotten any poop of his dog.

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