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Nyascoca.com expands its range of food delivery with the best dishes of the Pont Sec

May 15 from 2020 - 14: 33

Tradition, Season, Territory and ... House stamp. Chef Pep Romany and his team have returned to activity after the break due to confinement. And they do it with news and with a clear commitment to "delivery", home delivery. That is why they have expanded the offer of nyascoca.com and to their most characteristic dish they have added some of the most requested on the Pont Sec menu: rice, traditional starters and salads to suit the client.

"People told us that they missed the Pont Sec. Some made miles to come to our house. Now it is up to us to make them to get to theirs. And for that we have been working to offer a varied and quality menu, with the demand and respect for the product that we have always had in the restaurant ”, says Pep Romany, who considers that “Delivery is not a fad, it is here to stay. And restaurateurs must be able to transfer the restaurant experience to the clients' houses. ”

Safety and hygiene, as important as taste

Nyascoca.com returns with more offer, but also with more security measures. With its own delivery team, without unnecessary manipulations and even more extreme hygiene and food safety measures. And keeping the clear commitment to local products, without additives or preservatives.

“We always have, but now even more - says Romany - because the next product is also the safest. You know where it comes from, you know that it has run fewer kilometers and that it has not been in contact with certain dangers. If in addition to all that we add that everything tastes better if it is from here and that by betting on the local product we are betting on ours and our neighbors, how could we not continue the same? ”

Polp paella, putxero paella, arròs al forn, putxero pilotetes, tomacat or grilled polp and a wide variety of salads "to your liking" are some of the new Nyascoca.com dishes prepared by Pep Romany that can be enjoy from today in the houses of Dénia.

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