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Numerous regional companies collaborate economically with the 5º Solidarity Race in favor of Raquel Payá

06 2018 April - 07: 23

The solidarity of individuals and companies of the Marina Alta has no limit. Only a few days ago we enabled an account number so that, those who wished, collaborate economically with the cause of the 5º Solidarity March Dénia.com in favor of Raquel Payá that is celebrated this Sunday, 8 in April.

After days, there are numerous companies that have collaborated making financial income that will go to the Raquel Payá special education school. From here we want to thank the collaboration of Ibrolux, Cyber ​​Arena, Escoleta El Castellet and Denibus, who have already made their altruistic donations effective.

In addition, there are many individuals who, anonymously, have transferred different amounts to that account number, amounts that undoubtedly contribute to making this solidarity march every year larger.

If you also want to collaborate, you can make an entry to the account number enabled:

ES23 2100 2717 4702 0023 6850

Piggy banks in Cyber ​​Arena

In addition to bank transfers and income, some piggy banks have been set up in Cyber ​​Arena, where you can still sign up for the race, to collect donations from those who pass through the establishment. Some piggy banks that you can also find during the morning of Sunday at the table of collection of numbers and inscriptions.

Gas stations Teckmar collaborates with fuel

This year we are also fortunate to have the invaluable collaboration of Gasolineras Teckmar, which returns to donate checks to exchange for fuel. For this edition, Teckmar donates a total of 500 euros in fuel that, like last year, will be used to finance the trips of the students of the school to extracurricular activities that are carried out in other locations in the Red Cross transport.

Portal de la Marina will donate 1 euro per registrant

For this fifth edition, the most important commercial complex of the Marina Alta will donate again 1 € extra for each person who registers in the march, in any of the two modalities.

This year also Portal de la Marina will be responsible for the numbers of the participants, an important investment that allows the expenses of the march to decrease for the organization and, therefore, the money that is collected for the school community of the center is greater.

Thank you all for contributing to make the 5º Solidarity March Dénia.com in favor of the CEE Raquel Payá!

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