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Notable participation in the I climb to Montgó «Juan Espí»

November 22 from 2014 - 00: 00

Many faithful of the Evangelical Baptist Church La Trinitat de Dénia participated in the I Ascent to Montgó "Juan Espí", an activity that was part of the many that are being carried out to celebrate their centenary.

Juan Espí at the time to check out.

"This hike to the top of Montgó should not be isolated, the intention is to be able to celebrate every year"commented coopastor, Antonio Calero.

Calero also commented on its name: "We have given that name by the deep love our brother Juan Espí has ​​this beautiful setting and declared a natural park in 1987"A person who climbed to the top with only thirteen years for the first time, and with 80 he did it for the last time.

Juan Espí has ​​95 years and during this time the climb to the mountain touted as a way to show your affection for him. This time, Espí came to the road of Las Colonias to give out to participants in ascension.

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