There were no failures, but yes mascletà with the great initiative of Baix la Mar

20 March 2020 - 16: 42

This March we have had a historic San José. Not in a good way, since the Fallas as every year because of the coronavirus crisis. However, many initiatives have emerged from the Fallas world to encourage these days of isolation and remember that the smell of gunpowder will come. Later, but it will come.

One of these has been the improvised mascletà that the falleros and falleras of Baix la Mar spread yesterday on social networks and in which a large number of festeros from their commission participated. We have also quarantined the rockets, but the seafaring commission gives us back the excitement of homemade pyrotechnics.

From the commission of the #fallabaixlamar hem volgut prepare this artisan mascletà to celebrate Sant Josep.I to remember als nostres càrrecs PAULA, CESC, Nuur IC i Juanvi Lull Serra, who are arriving # falles2020 estarem preparations! 💥⚓️.💻www .fallabaixlamar.org .. # lamarnodescansa # blm2020 #naveguem #fallabaixlamar # falles2020 # fallesDénia

Published by Falla Baix la Mar on Thursday, March 19 of 2020

  1. Juan Perez says:

    Congratulations on the rectification. Thank you

  2. Juan Perez says:

    Please: Improve your grammar. It is not said there was HUB, it is said there was HUB. Thank you

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