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Nizar Lakhlifi and Mª Isabel Ferrer returned to exhibit their class in the '20 Cursa Popular a Ondara'

May 20 from 2018 - 02: 07

A spectacular afternoon and even with a high temperature was disputed the "20º Cursa Popular to Ondara". A semi-urban route of 10 kilometers that turned out to be spectacular, thanks to the musical animation and the large audience that followed the race.

The Xabieros, Nizar Lakhlifi and Mª Isabel Ferrer is closer to being the victors of "Circuit a Peu Marina Alta", after winning the test held in Ondara.

When the heat got worse and in the hardest part of the race, some neighbors opted to shower the athletes with their hoses, something that was very grateful.

The approach of the test was identical to that of previous tests. A head group with strong men; José Manuel Garcia, Juanra Pous, Youssef Ahatach and crouched Nizar Lakhlifi who as always released his teammates in the absence of 1.500 meters. A sudden change prevented swim to follow the Athletics Athletes Multiesport Benitatxell who entered as a winner with a time of 33: 18.

The second place was for Juanra Pous in made a mark of 33: 41. The third in goal was José Manuel García with a record of 33: 51. Great sensations that left Adri Hadri who was fourth showing that he is in a good moment of form.

Ramadan was not noticed in the athletes of North African origin since they were the dominators of the race, since Youssef Ahatach entered the fifth place.

Mª Isabel Ferrer more leader in women

In women, the hegemony of Mª Isabel Ferrer was once again demonstrated by entering first with a brand of 37: 36. The surprise came in the second place where Andrea Abad exceeded with a time of 38: 56 to Cristina Roselló who made 40: 02.

junior Women

ª 1 Lucia Puig
ª 2 Aida Cuart
ª 3 Mireia Romans

Male youth

1 º Arnau Díaz
2 º Carlos Lilienthal
3 º Jaume Albert

Senior women

ª 1 Andrea Abad
ª 2 Cristina Roselló
ª 3 Nathalia Ayala

Senior male

1 º Nizar Lakhlifi
2 º Pous juanra
3 º José Manuel García

Veteranas A

ª 1 M.ª Isabel Ferrer
ª 2 Gemma Ann Selby
ª 3 Gema Garriguez


1 º Miguel Ferrer
2 º Daniel García
3 º Michael Fletcher

Veteranas B

ª 1 Isa Banyuls
ª 2 Sonia Tirado
ª 3 Sonia Sanchez

Veterans B

1 º Víctor Pérez
2 º Fernando Ferrer
3 º Paco Guitart

Veteranas C

ª 1 Monica Mahiques
ª 2 Maite Ortolña
ª 3 mayca Room

veterans C

1 º Joan Jaume Torres
ª 2 Curro Arabí
3 º Antonio Ortega

Veteranas D

ª 1 Teresa Gregori
ª 2 Mila Ortega
ª 3 Raquel Solivelles

veterans D

1 º Julio Moreno
2 º Emili Pérez
3 º Vicent De Juan

Veteranas E

ª 1 Karen Jones
ª 2 Louise Ambler
ª 3 Amanda Fletcher

veterans E

1 º Vicente Llopis
2 º Saved Signes
3 º Francesc Ferrer

Veterans F

ª 1 Carmen Price
ª 2 Pepi Martínez
ª 3 Henriette Weeber

Veterans F

1 º José Antonio Vera
2 º Juan Espinosa
3 º Avelino Estremera

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