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Nizar Lakhlifi and Mª Isabel Ferrer are close to winning the 'Circuit a Peu Marina Alta'

May 13 from 2018 - 13: 27

The athletes of Xàbia, Nizar Lakhlifi from Club Multiesport Benitatxell and Mª Isabel Ferrer, of the Athletics Club Llebeig Xàbia are very close to proclaiming themselves as winners of the "Circuit to Peu Marina Alta", after winning in the "XXI Popular Race to Jesus Poor".

After testing the tests for the little ones in the middle of a great environment, the start was made over the 19 hours, to the queen test. From the beginning of it, the most powerful athletes; Youssef Ahatach, Nizar Lakhlifi, Jose Manuel Garcia, Aitor Cabezas, began to form the leading group that would compact until mid-test.

Rate changes was that this group was losing units until he ran into a trio that Nizar Lakhlifi was aware that to win I had to try to stop their peers at least in the absence of a 1.500 meters. A tactic that allowed him to detach himself from them and enter as a brilliant winner in a crowded public goal that gave him a great ovation. His time in goal was 32: 17, by 32: 23 by José Manuel García and 32: 33 by Youssef Ahatach.

Mª Isabel Ferrer about to be crowned Queen of the Circuit

In women, Mª Isabel Ferrer once again demonstrated her extraordinary moment of form, and barely had opposition, she ran at a constant pace and won with great authority. His record after crossing the finish line was 36: 14. The second place went to Cristina Roselló who made an 38 brand: 03. The third position was for Gemma Ann Selby with a time of 39: 56.


junior Women

ª 1 Aida Cuart
ª 2 Youssra Zniber
ª 3 Marina Espinós

Male youth

1 º Jaume Albert
2 º Carlos Lilienthal
3 º Mario Fornés

Senior Women

ª 1 Cristina Roselló
ª 2 Nathalia Ayala
ª 3 Ximena Velez

Senior Men

1 º Nizar Lakhlifi
2 º José Manuel García
3 º Youssef Ahatach

Veteranas A

ª 1 Mª Isabel Ferrer
ª 2 Gemma Ann Selby
ª 3 Gemma Garrigues


1 º Aitor Cabezas
2 º maximum Folqués
3 º Miguel Ferrer

Veteranas B

ª 1 Isa Banyuls
ª 2 Sonia Tirado
ª 3 Cristina Artigues

Veterans B

1 º Víctor Pérez
2 º Diego Vidal
3 º Cristhian Ferreyra

Veteranas C

ª 1 María Mulet
ª 2 Mayte Ortolá
ª 3 Violeta Gómez

veterans C

1 º Fernando Martí
2 º Joan Jaume Torres
3 º Ricardo Carañana

Veteranas D

ª 1 Teresa Gregori
ª 2 Mila Ortega
ª 3 Raquel Solivelles

veterans D

1 º José Antonio Amorós
2 º Julio Moreno
3 º Emilio Pérez

Veteranas E

ª 1 Ana Mª Melechón
ª 2 Mª José Alba
ª 3 Inma Gil

veterans E

1 º Vicente Llopis
2 º Salvador Signes
3 º Francesc Ferrer

Veterans F

ª 1 Jane Armoush
ª 2 Pepi Martínez
ª 3 Henriette Weeber

Veterans F

1 º Santiago Guzmán
2 º José Antonio Vera
3 º Juan Espinosa

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