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The celebrations of Sant Jaume 2017 arrive at Ondara from 21 to 29 of July

11 July 2017 - 00: 19

Ondara will live his Popular Festivals of Sant Jaume from 21 to 29 of July. Celebrations organized by the Department of Festivals and Traditions of the City of Ondara were presented at the City Hall with the presence of the Mayor of Ondara, José Ramiro; The Councilor of Festivals and Traditions, M. Carmen Velázquez; The Councilor for Culture and Equality, Raquel Mengual; The representative of the Comissió de Bous d'Ondara, Javi Gómez; The president of ACO, Juanjo Mahiques; The representatives of the Quintada 2017, Carla Ginestar and Sergi Ortolà; And the organizer of the Nit de Rock, Toni Miralles.

The Festivities of Sant Jaume 2017 have been organized with the collaboration of the Sant Jaume Commission (in which peñas and quintadas are represented) and the Bous Commission (Which has managed for the second consecutive year the program of bullfighting). From Ondara Town Hall, we wanted to thank the work done by the Commission of Sant Jaume, the Commission of Bulls, and the Fifth 2017 in the organization of the festivities, so that Ondara has a festival worthy and for the enjoyment of the public of all ages; As well as the contribution of all the companies that collaborate publically or sponsor acts of the festivities.

The mayor of Ondara, José Ramiro, and the Councilor of Fiestas, M. Carmen Velázquez, have taken advantage of to call for the participation of the citizens of Ondara and the region in these popular festivals. Also the representatives of Quintada 2017 have invited the neighbors of Ondara to enjoy Sant Jaume 2017.

New: Nit De Germanor, Sliding Track and Grand Prix

The Councilor for Festivals and Traditions, M. Carmen Velázquez, explained that the Festivities of Sant Jaume 2017 will count for the first time as a novelty with the Nit of Germanor Of Sant Jaume, which will be held Wednesday July 26 On Avenida Doctor Fleming, which will be closed to traffic for the occasion, and will be open to the participation of all the neighbors and residents of Ondara.

There will be live music, children's entertainment, barbecues and bar service. The Department of Fiestas will put tables, chairs and barbecues. Until the 21 in July you can book the Germanor2017 menu at the Casa de Cultura, or collect the free drink tickets for those who stay for dinner, whether or not they order the menu, since each can take the dinner, order the Menu for 10 euros, or use the barbecues that the Town Hall will have. Dinner will be enlivened by the Charanga Batuxanga, And will have two types of verbena; One in charge of Rosana in the senior area next to the Plaza del País Valencià, and another with the groups Pellikana, Lukoners and DJ Santi Mataix, next to the Plaza de Toros.

Another novelty of the Sant Jaume 2017 program will be the Super sliding track of 60 meters Which will be installed on Tuesday 25 July morning in the Bajada de la Purísima, to provide more animation to the traditional Day of the Quintadas (Participants should wear float or inflatable mat). In addition, this year's program will be Grand Prix For rocks and quintades in the Plaza de Toros el domingo 23 de julio, Replacing the soccer cow (at the request of the Commission of Sant Jaume).

Musicals: Rock & Moll, Nit de Rock and verbenas

Again, and after having started with great success last year, in this edition of the popular festivals it is again bet by the initiative to offer Concerts at the Moll del Prado, In seven days of the holidays, prior to the popular dinners, as informed by the Councilor for Culture, Raquel Mengual. The concerts of Rock & Moll Will count on the actions of The Cabriolets (22 July), Tremp (23 July), Loli Pop (24 July), The Moussers (25 July), The Police (26 July), Mocha (28 July) and Gin Lemon's (29 July). As indicated by Raquel Mengual, it is a style of music varied, with groups from the region, and is aimed at all audiences.

Also in the musical section, the verbenas will be in charge of capital 90 (21 in July in the Prado), Scream (22 of July in the street Sant Jaume), Euforia (25 of July in the street Sant Jaume) and Syberia (27 of July in the Prado, coinciding with the night of the contest of paellas ).

The Nit del Rock will be the Saturday 29 of July, the last day of the festivities, with the aim of consolidating this musical proposal to culminate the popular celebrations. It will have groups Oques Grasses, Tremenda Jauría, Prozak Soup y DJ Scale i Rope, According to Toni Miralles. The Nit del Rock will take as its location the end of the Generalitat Round for greater capacity.

And two mobile discs will also be offered; he 24 July With local DJs Montaner and Jack Daniel, and 28 in July with Dj's Alex Femenia, Mitch Van and Saimon Mas.

children's activities

This year highlights again in the festive program activities aimed at children and family. In this section there are several initiatives that will be held every day in the morning in the surroundings of the Prado: Saturday 22 July, gimkala loca; Sunday 23, biker games and race of tapes (with helmet obligatory for the minors of age); Monday 24, bous amb carretons; Tuesday 25, super sliding track; Wednesday 26, water games; Thursday 27, water games in the municipal swimming pool; Friday 28, children's games with the collaboration of the MD Juniors, and the Saturday 29 July, water playground games. In this way, it is endowed with activity every morning during the holiday week of Sant Jaume. In addition there will be a healthy leisure workshop with the collaboration of the Red Cross on Monday 24 July at 18 hours, in the grounds of the Prado.

Also addressed to the youngest are the Bous in carretons Which will be held several days, also in the morning. There will be five performances of bous in carretons: on Saturday 22 July at 19 hours; Monday 24 July at 12 hours; Thursday 27 July at 00: 15 hours; Friday 28 at 19 hours and Saturday 29 at July at 19 hours.

Bullfighting program

Regarding bullfights, they will be one of the main centers of attention of the programming, as is traditional in the Popular Festivals of Sant Jaume. The program is similar to last year, which was the first edition organized by the Bous Commission; Keeping the acts that work the most.

As explained by the representative of the Commissió de Bous, Javi Gómez, there will be bullfights and heifer loosening every day in the Bullring (in the evening and at night); Trimmer contest on Sunday 23 July; Jònecs the day of Sant Jaume (so that all the majors of 16 can participate); Exhibition of four bull entries on Wednesday 26; In addition, and by popular request, there will be entry and exit of bulls of the square until in four occasions (Saturday 22, Monday 24, Friday 28 and Saturday 29) in night time. The livestock contest will be held during 5 evenings (Saturday 22, Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 29).

Party parties in the municipal Trinquet

In the sports section, as stressed by the Mayor of Ondara, José Ramiro, will highlight the professional teams of Valencian pilots in the Municipal Trinquet of Ondara for the 22, 28 and 29 days of July, In addition to the matches of the Pilota Tournament of Sant Jaume. The professional scale and rope games will count on Saturday 22 of July with Giner and Felix against French, Héctor and Tomás II; On Friday 28 July (with free admission) Puchol II and Nacho against Pere Roc II and Felix. And on Saturday 29 of July, Santi Silla and Jesus against Ferrer and Santi. All games will be held at 18: 30 hours.

Sale of Sant Jaume products

It should be noted that the elements of merchandising (Shirts, plates, glasses, bracelets for glasses, scarves, etc.) of the celebrations of Sant Jaume 2017, in the House of Culture. This year, again, there has been a Pack santjaumero Composed of t-shirt, plaid, scarf, and gift backpack.

Also for sale in the House of Culture are the tickets for the trimmer contest (anticipated 6 euros, box office 8 euros). In addition, until the 21 in July, the registration deadline for the Nit of Germanor (There are different modalities: reserve menu for 10 euros, take the dinner, or use the barbecues, for the three options you have to register in order to have the necessary tables and chairs, as well as to collect the tickets of two free drinks) . The Culture House will have a schedule from 11 to 21 from July from 9 to 15 hours, and the week from 17 to 21 from July, will also open in the afternoon, from 18 to 20 hours.

Sell ​​early tickets in ACO

On the other hand, as explained by ACO President Juanjo Mahiques, the Association of Merchants and Entrepreneurs of Ondara has agreed to set up advance ticket sales outlets for the "Trimmers Competition" on Sunday 23 in July at ACO companies with a price of 5 euros. So that the early entry for the event can be purchased at the Casa de Cultura de Ondara at the price of 6 euros, or in the stores of ACO adhered to this initiative for a price of 5 euros. The goal is to get new customers into the stores and customer loyalty.

In addition, for any purchase in these stores, will be entered in the draw of 500 euros in purchases in the establishments of ACO (the draw will be made the same day of the contest trimming). The ACO stores affiliated to this promotion are: Ca Paquitina, Gaspar Fotògraf, Mobles Ortolà, Esports Colau, Calçats Dora, Calçats Torres, Flors Rosita, Alfa Idees, Confortgama, Passicos La Merceria, Servicolor, Autoescuela Bahia, D'Estarca Cortines, Hairdresser Eclipse, Masdemilviajes, Admin. Lottery nº1, Carnisseria Picó, Copete's, Monverd, Martí Asg. Axa Segurs, Gala's, Nina Estètica i Bellesa, Maxima Bikes, House Costs i Regals, Fornés Assessors, Vinalia, Motorcycles Mahiques and Disseny Mut.

Equality in the fiestas of Sant Jaume

The Councilor for Equality, Raquel Mengual, has advanced that during the holidays a campaign against sexist aggressions will be carried out with the aim of sensitizing the citizens. To do this they will distribute violet fans with messages for the promotion of equality and against gender-based violence.

Sant Jaume 2017 cover

The mayor of Ondara, José Ramiro, has concluded his intervention reminding that the new cover image of Sant Jaume 2017 has been designed by the Ondarenca designer Montse Castellano, and it contains all the concepts that from the Ondara Town Hall wanted to convey ; Equality in the festivities (women and men, girls and boys share a leading role in the different activities representative of the festivities that are reflected in the poster); The participation of people of different ages (from very early ages to older people), and the popular party in the street.

See below for the entire schedule.


* During all 21 holidays to 29, the Prado building will be open from 21: 30 to 24: 30 approximately, to welcome people who want to dine inside.

VIERNES 21 of July
22: 00 h - POPULAR SCENES *
23: 00 h - PASACALLES around the area of ​​garitos to the town hall with the Xaranga L'ALTRIL.
00: 00 h - PREGÓN OF THE PARTIES from the balcony of the town hall, with light and sound show. Then launching the start rocket party and castle fires.
Penjada from the square of Sant Jaume al Carrer Major, for the QUINTÀ 2017 ELS MIL·LENARIS.
Next, Entrance of the CRESPO branch and test of bulls of the CALI branch.
01: 00 h - VERBENA with performance by the CAPITAL 90 group around the Prado.

11: 00 h - GINKANA LOCA for young people around the Prado.
18: 30 h - START OF RIDER Professional in Trinquet. GINER and ALEX against FRANCÉS, HÉCTOR and TOMAS II.
19: 00 h - Input and soles of carretons.
20: 15 h - Entry of the ELS COVES branch and first afternoon of the BENAVENT branch.
20: 30 h - ROCK & MOLL del Prado. Performance of THE CABRIOLETS.
22: 00 h - POPULAR SCENES.
00: 15 h - Entry and exit of the CALI branch and test of steers of the branch DANI MACHANCOSES.
00: 30 h - VERBENA with the performance of SCREAM in Sant Jaume Street.

11: 00 h- MOTOR GAMES and Tape Race, organized by CUSTOM CLUB D'ONDARA around the Prado.
19: 30 h- BATUKADA. ATTAKIDS performance around the Plaza de Toros.
20: 00h - GREAT COMPETITOR OF TRIMMERS with bulls of the branch FDO.MACHANCOSES.
20: 30 h - ROCK & MOLL del Prado. TREMP performance.
23: 30 h - VERBENA INFANTIL, with the performance of EL TREN DE LA ALEGRIA in the Prado.
00: 30 h - GRAN PRIX for rocks and Quintades I entered the Plaza de Toros
01: 30 h - KARAOKE and Water Festival of Valencia in the Moll del Prado, sponsored by SUMINISTRES CHINERET.

LUNES 24 of July
12: 00 h- Entry and release of Carretons.
18: 00 h - HEALTHY LEISURE workshop, with the collaboration of the Red Cross in the Prado area.
20: 15h - Entrance of the BENAVENT branch and second afternoon of the ELS COVES branch.
20: 30 h - ROCK & MOLL del Prado. LOLI POP performance.
23: 30 h- RAL·LI HUMORÍSTIC, Organized by the rock EL GARBUIX.
1 PRIZE: 300 €
2 PRIZE: 150 €
00: 15 h - Entry and exit of the LA PALOMA branch and test of steers from the CRESPO branch.
01: 00 h - Discomóvil in Round Generalitat, with the performance of Local Djs Montaner and Jack Daniel.

10: 00 h - POPULAR LUNCHES in the Peñas de Peñas y Quintades, In the street of each one. The QUINTÀ 2017 Will distribute brine and peanuts.
11: 30 h - SLIDING SUPERPIRE of 60 meters in the descent of the Puríssima
(Who wants to participate will have to carry float or inflatable mattress)
14: 00 h - PEAS AND FOOD QUINTADES In the Prado building, with the performance of DJ PEP ORTOLÀ.
19: 30 h - PEÑAS PARADE AND QUINTADES From Sant Jaume Street to the Bullring with the Batucada ONDARATTACK
The Quintades (Born between 2010-2017) will be concentrated in Carlos Arniches street at 19: 45 hours.
* The order of entrance to the square will be of less to greater of age, finishing by the QUINTÀ 2017.
20: 15 h -SELLA OF NOVILLOS for the rocks and Quintades Of the CRESPO branch.
20: 30 h - ROCK & MOLL del Prado. THE MOUSSERS performance.
00: 15 h - Entry of bulls of the branch of FCA.MACHANCOSES and release of the branchery ELS COVES.
00: 30 h - VERBENA. Performance of the orchestra EUFORIA in the street Sant Jaume.
07: 00 h - Then, LUNCH in the hut of the Quintà 2017.

11: 00 h- AQUATIC GAMES around the Prado.
11: 00 h - CAU PARTS. 1ª Day of the Contest of Cau in the building of the Prado.
12: 00 h - MISA in honor of Santa Anna.
13: 00 h - VISIT and donation to the Residence Mare de Déu de la Soledat By the Association of Housewives.
14: 00 h - DINNER OF HOUSE AMAS in the building of the Prado and party enlivened by XIMO and RAQUEL.
17: 00 h - START OF RIDER. 1 Tournament Day of Rider In the Trinquet.
20: 30 h - ROCK & MOLL del Prado. THE POLICE performance.
22: 00 h - GERMANOR FOR ALL THE PEOPLE on Doctor Fleming Avenue.
Live music, children's entertainment, barbecues for you to use, bar service and more ...
(The Feast Regent will put the tables, chairs and barbecues).

Until the 21 of July you will have to go to the House of Culture if:
- You want to reserve the Germanor2017 menu.
- You want to pick up two free drink tickets (beer, soda…), order or not the menu dinner.

Dinner will be enlivened by Xaranga BATUXANGA.
Verbenas in charge of:
-Scenario Senior Zone (next to the Plaza País Valencià). Action by ROSANA
-Scenario Zone General (next to the Plaza de Toros). Performance of the groups PELLIKANA, LUKONERS and DJ SANTI MATAIX.

JUEVES 27 of July
11: 00 h - CAU PARTS. 2ª Day of the Contest of Cau in the building of the Prado.
11: 30 h - AQUATIC GAMES in the municipal swimming pool. Free entrance.
17: 00 h- PILOT DEPARTURE. 2ª Day of the Tournament of Pilot to Trinquet.
20: 15 h - Entrance of the LA PALOMA branch and third afternoon of JV MACHANCOSES branch contest.
22: 00 h - COMPETITION OF PAELLAS enlivened with the Xaranga l'ATRIL.
* Ingredients, or butane in charge of each.
1 PRIZE: 150 €
2 PRIZE: 75 €
3 PRIZE: 50 €
Best presentation: 50 €
00: 15h- ​​Entry and release of Carretons.
00.30 h - VERBENA. Performance by the SYBERIA orchestra, in the Prado.

VIERNES 28 of July
11: 00 h - CAU PARTS. 3ª Day of the Contest of Cau in the building of the Prado.
11: 00 h - GAMES FOR CHILDREN with the collaboration of GRUP DE JUNIOR MD around the Prado.
17: 00 h - PILOT DEPARTURE. Final of the Tournament of Pilota.
18: 30 h - DEPARTURE OF PILOTA professional in Trinquet. PUCHOL II and NACHO against PERE, ROC II and FÉLIX (free admission).
19: 00 h - Entry and release of Carretons.
20: 15 h - Entrance of the GREGORIO DE JESÚS branch and fourth afternoon of the FDO.MACHANCOSES branch.
20: 30 h - ROCK & MOLL del Prado. Performance of LA MOCHA, sponsored by PUB DORIAN GRAY.
00: 15 h - Entry and exit of the ELS COVES branch and test of bulls of the LA PALOMA branch.

11: 00 h - Children's Park of AQUA JOCS around the Prado.
18: 30 h - DEPARTURE OF PILOTA professional in Trinquet. SANTI Silla and JESÚS against FERRER and SANTI.
19: 00 h - Entry and release of Carretons.
20: 15 h - Entry of FDO.MACHANCOSES and fifth afternoon of COMPETITION of the LA PALOMA branch.
20: 30 h - ROCK & MOLL del Prado. GIN LEMON'S performance.
00: 15 h - Entry and exit of the DANI MACHANCOSES branch and test of steers of the branch of GREGORIO DE JESÚS.
00: 30 h - ROCK NIGHT in the Generalitat Round. Performance d'OQUES GRASSES, TREMENDA JAURIA, PROZAK SOUP and DJ ESCALA I CORDA.


00: 00 h - KARAOKE

Saturday 5 August
* Ingredients, firewood or butane in charge of each.
1 Prize 100 €
2 Prize 75 €
3 Prize 50 €
19: 00 h - Input and output of Carretons.
20: 15 h- Release ELS COVES steers.
00: 00 h - Performance of XIMO I RAQUEL.

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