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The new Regenerative Medicine Unit (UMERED) was born in Dénia at the Dr. Flores de Apodaca Clinic

04 March 2019 - 15: 55

UMERED under the direction of Dr. Flores de Apodaca, Master in Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine, member of the Spanish Association of Microimmunotherapy and the Spanish Association of Medical Professionals in Ozone Therapy, has as one of its objectives to complement the treatment of patients with pathologies subacute, chronic, and / or recurrent osteoarticular with infiltration, ozone therapy and electrostimulation techniques. This combination achieves very satisfactory results and improves the quality of life of patients.

Another objective of UMERED is to apply the innovative techniques of Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine to our patients who undergo Aesthetic Medicine treatments.

Remember: Living without pain is possible. Do not stay without discovering all the services of Doctor Flores de Apodaca Clinic.

Call the 865 773 788 and request a free appointment for evaluation and information.

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  1. Teresa Paz says:

    Excellent advice !!!! We at the Community Park, which I attend, also teach us to divide each plate into 4 parts, just as you say. So, the food they give us, it already comes well prepared.

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