Multitudinous and successful hosting of child Carnival in Dénia

February 26 from 2017 - 00: 00

Alice in Wonderland, cavemen, jellyfish and octopuses, superheroes, and a lot of gastronomy starred in the Carnival children of Dénia last Saturday afternoon. Thousands of boys and girls, accompanied by friends and relatives, participated in a massive way in this party, which this year was held at the intersection of Sagunto and Patricio Ferrándiz streets.

The appointment began at 17: 00 hours Registration for the costume contest, which lasted until after 17: 30. That's when the rhythm of batucada, participants began the street parade route and Archduke Charles Square to the junction where the stage had been set.

With a sweet theme, the boys and girls participating in the costume contest went through the stage to show off before the jury to the rhythm of the music prepared by the children's entertainers. There were prizes for the first three in each category, chosen by the jury of the commission of Dénia parties.

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