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Multisecma promote a debate on seasonal tourist

15 March 2013 - 00: 00

"Get people to come to this area throughout the year to buy in our shops, enjoy the cuisine and know the region" It is, in the words of President Multisecma, Luis Silvestre, the best way to mobilize the economy of the Marina Alta.

To achieve this, from Multisecma a great debate will be promoted on the importance of the deseasonalization of tourism for what will be counted on entities that have already carried out successful projects in this sense throughout the national geography.

This is the main novelty of the calendar of activities Multisecma has prepared for 2013, although the association also agreed to continue activities during the past year were very well received, as the meeting "Let's meet", To be invited to another association of the region; contest "Develop yourself" urban art, and Multisecma Prize, along with Creama and BICs of Alcoi, given the good reception of the first edition, which was equipped with different services associates for a total value of euros 7.500.

In addition, an information leaflet on the Association will collect both activities performed as the names of all companies that compose it be published, and will launch an active site with direct links to business partners. information sessions on legislation and visits to various centers of business interest will be other activities. At the same time, they are studying various proposals to collaborate with solidarity associations.

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