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Multisecma pay tribute to entrepreneurs who helped the revival of Dénia in the eighteenth century

Event Date: 24 January 2013
Event type: Talk / conference
The venue : Dénia Castle (La Sala)
Opening times: 19: 30
Starters: Free
Event finished

Merle, Bordehore, Chabàs, Morand ... are names that today we easily relate to Dénia and its history, but few people know that they were the architects of the economic revival of the Dénia of the 18th century. These families, coming from Provence and Gascony in France, saw in that Denia, which at that time had only 144 inhabitants, a place with a future and decided to start a new life here.

These families of businessmen and intellectuals will pay tribute, on Thursday January 24 to 19: 30 hours in Room Castle in Multisecma and jointly organized by the Association Oc-Valéncia act. The meeting is titled "L'Auge de l'Economia de les Comarques Centrals Valencianes els segles XVIII and XIX", and address issues such as relations between entrepreneurs, the origins of their wealth, the opportunity they saw in these lands or names and places.

Lluís Silvestre, president of Multisecma, and Lluís Fornés (better known as "Lluís the Sifoner"), president of the Oc-València Association, agreed during the presentation of the event that the words "culture" and "company" are fully compatible even if it seems otherwise.

The table will be moderated by Lluís Silvestre and Lluís el Sifoner, the toponymy and anthroponymy specialist Joan Martinis and the painter Frederic Romaguera, author of the audiovisual that will be screened at the beginning of this event, will participate.

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