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# MujeresTeníamosQueSerSer: Baix la Mar continues to pay homage to the women of its history

28 June 2018 - 10: 02

La Baix la Mar fails They continue to give voice to the women who have been part of their intense history through a series of video interviews that, under the label # MujeresTeníamosQueSer, discover the most important figures in their history.

The second protagonist is Lola Masanet, a fighter woman who was ahead of her time and who now, from a distance, still feels the same love for the marine commission.

# DonesHavíemDeSer

# DonesHavíemDeSer. Continuem amb aquesta secció that vol visibilitzar to the Marine Gifts that are importants to the nostra fails. The protagonist d'avui does not need to be presented, because Lola Masanet is eixa dona marinera, captavantera i lluitadora that s'avançà al seu temps. Avui des de the distància però semper in the nostre cor, ens dóna seua visió personal of the festa. Lola will always be part of the history of Baix la Mar i les portes del nostre casal s'obrin, bat bat, per a rebre-la amb els braços oberts, escrivint a page more of the festival #AmbDdeDona

Published by Falla Baix la Mar on Friday, 22 June of 2018

In the Bonfires of Alicante

The maximum charges of the fault, Francisco Blanquer, Mayca Ramos, Pepe Blanquer and Alicia Guardiola, participated one more year, thanks to the Hoguera Carrer Sant Vicent, in the offering of flowers in honor of the Verge del Remei that was held in Alicante in the last bonfire parties.

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