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Mounir Horma was the best in the XXI popular Les Rotes Race

04 September 2013 - 00: 00

La "XXI Popular Race of Les Rotes" He inscribed the name Mounir Horma winners in its history. This athlete belonging to Nucleo Duro Athletes Dénia, was the fastest. It took 23 minutes to cover the exact layout of 7.000 meters.

The test was a success of participation, with more than 350 athletes in the showpiece and a hundred in tests to children. The environment restaurant Mena and in memory of all Diego Mena, he lived a very festive evening.

The first protagonists were the children who gave everything they had inside to get the precious medal. Everyone had a great time and then snack as a reward.

At the 19`30 the start to the queen test was given. The race from the beginning was controlled by men who have more quality. It could be seen in the head of it, Mounir himself accompanied by Víctor Fernández and Cristian Ferreyra.

An important crowd of neighbors and relatives of athletes waited at the finish line at each providing their applause and cheers. Mounir Horma the winner was followed by Víctor Fernández del Beneyto who entered 12 second winner. The third place went to Cristian Ferreyra.

Women won the veteran, mayca Room CA Corremundos with a time of 28`19. The second was to Encarna Cardona 12 seconds and third was Jennifer Rosado.

The final rankings were these;
Male youth:
1º Miquel Piera, 2º Ehinner Castro Sergio Gimeno 3º
junior Women:
1ª Mar Miralles
Senior male:
Mounir 1º Horma 2º Francis Soliveres 3º Samuel Maquet
Senior women;
1ª Jennifer Rosado 2ª Aida Pérez 3ª María Bertó
A male veterans;
1º Víctor Fernández, Cristian Ferreyra 2º 3º Sergio Torres
Veteranas A Female;
1ª Mayca 2ª Encarna Sala 3ª Gina Cardona Virueña
Veterans B Male:
1º Juan Jaime Torres, 2º Vicente De Juan, 3º Vicente Miralles.
Veteranas B Female:
1ª Mª Dolores Iborra, 2ª Mila Marisa Marco 3ª Ortego
Male Veterans C:

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