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Moors and Christians say goodbye with an emotional closing of parties

August 17 from 2019 - 11: 42

Yesterday, the parties of Moors and Christians and Sant Roc said goodbye until next year. After an exciting and groundbreaking edition, now it's time to cross out the calendar days until the 2020 parties that will surely be up to date, as they coincide with the 40 anniversary of the event.

During the afternoon, hundreds of people approached the Plaza del Consell to revive The Miracle of the Mist, which gave the victory to a Christian side in numerical disadvantage. In the act it was possible to enjoy a representation of this battle, with the main course of the face to face between the two captains of this year, culminating in the inevitable defeat and surrender of the Moro side.

Declared the Christian victory, the party gave way to the procession of Sant Roc through the old town, in which both the ranks and the failures.

The official end of the party was sentenced in the Plaza del Consell, but not before making a final tour marching through Campo Street, which they fired until mig any. Already in the square, the president of the FEMMICC, Rafa Cheli, made a positive assessment of the holidays and thanked everyone for their participation, urging to repeat with the same energy next year. Behind them Primers Trons They rang their arcabuces, giving way to Vell Montgó, who marched the ranks together for the last time this year.

At midnight, as icing on the cake, a fireworks castle, shot in the northern jetty of the port, lit up the Dianense sky, witnessing one of the most special editions of Moors and Christians.

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