¿Discomfort in the foot? We tell you how to fix it

12 December 2013 - 00: 00

Pains, whether in the body that are, they are very annoying and especially if located on our feet. But usually did not appreciate much every day we use our feet and when we hurt when we realize that the mere fact calzarnos upset.

Avoiding pain in the foot

If you suffer from plantar pain when we perform some activity first, logic tells us that we must change habits that potential has caused us with an alternative to avoid pain.

If there are signs of inflammation can be relieved by resting foot high, cold baths during the early stages of swelling and baths hire from the 48 hours can help us a lot to solve the problem.

Stretching exercises for the sole

We can also perform stretching exercises to loosen the plant and toes. For this very reason you can massage the sole of the foot. They should also stretch the leg muscles that surely will be affected by the stiffness of the foot. This first phase of the recovery will be at least four days. If there are structural disorders of the foot it will be convenient to visit the specialist to recommend the appropriate templates.

Pain in the foot

Exercises for recovery

When yield stiffness and pain should be performed strengthening exercises and ability to own foot muscles. Although at first prove costly, we must insist on our recovery.

During this stage of our recovery, our favorite sport training consist of alternative exercise, stretching and exercises to own foot muscles. Care will be complemented with contrast and self-massage baths and keep this up for at least 5 days.

The recovery will be complemented by introducing into the dynamic workout that, in turn, strengthen and test our foot training. The session will be organized in the following order: stretching, alternative exercise, exercise skill, stretching, dynamic exercises and again stretching. This routine will keep for at least 4 days even though they no longer feel pain. Once this last phase can be returned cautiously to the usual training.

If after this treatment include pain or discomfort persists, you may need to consult a foot specialist in medicine as PododeniaThat you made a study of the tread and, if necessary, will make a template completely tailored to you.

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  1. Pedro says:

    Hi, I'm futsal player. When I'm training for a certain time doing all kinds of exercises, the sole not for hurting by the twin becomes overloaded me. Not to do to cease the pain, if you dierais I would appreciate some advice. a greeting

    • PODODENIA says:

      Hello Pedro. It depends on what area of ​​the foot hurts can be a disease or another. You must try first to perform relevant stretches for exercise. The cold can help the area to hurt less because it has anti-inflammatory function so you can apply when you have pain after the exercise. If the problem you have is tread recommend you make a study to see what the problem can have and put a solution. Think these tips are not looking so you can have, so I understand that it is difficult to advise. For any questions you can call me 96 578 27 31. a greeting

  2. Jesus Abad says:

    Good morning:
    From PODODENIA we can tell you that there are special templates for cyclists that what they do is download pressure zones in which the foot is overloaded for exercising this sport. Usually a metatarsalgia but can also be a tendinitis in the arc, anyway diagnose without seeing it's complicated. You can stop by the query, I look and I advise. Thank you

  3. daniel says:

    I am practicing cycling and for a couple of months I have a very intense pain when pedaling on the inner side of the foot. Start slowly took an hour but when it becomes very intense. I tried to change the shoes but the pain persists.
    Can you give me some advice, I am very overwhelmed with the subject.
    Thank you