Moha Rida Younnes was the winner of the 'Volta a Peu a Dénia'

29 2018 April - 07: 59

The "Volta a Peu a Dénia" was won by the athlete, Moha Rida Younnes, of the Llebeig Athletics Club Xàbia, who with a time of 33:24 entered the goal very prominently. Moha from the beginning of the test was put in command, in the company of Juanra Pous, the athlete from CA L'Espentà de Oliva could not finish the test and the Xàbia athlete put ground in between to appear alone in the Calle Marques de Campo He received a standing ovation from the audience.

In the second place came his teammate, José Manuel García, with a record of 34: 17. The third classified player was Gabriel Domene from Club Corremundos Teulada with a time of 34: 32.

In women, it was Mª Isabel Ferrer, the winner, getting repeat the triumph of the two previous editions, demonstrating its hegemony in the Dianense test. The Athlete of the Athletics Club Llebeig Xàbia entered in goal with a time of 39: 05. The second classified was, Cristina Roselló, of the Club Multiesport Benitatxell that made a mark of 40: 12. The third was Gemma Ann Selby, of the El Faro Athletics Club, with a record of 40: 36.

The test had a close participation to the 1.300 athletes who had to fight with the wind that blew against them in some areas of the course. The organization of the Athletics Club Baleària Diànium was perfect despite the difficulties created by the strong wind. Everything went smoothly. Highlight the great presence of the public that followed the race, especially in Marqués de Campo street that recorded a great atmosphere.

After the race held in Dénia, the leaders of the Circuit a Peu Marina Alta, are, in women, Isa Banyuls and in men, José Manuel García.

Classification by Categories

junior Women

ª 1 Lucía Puig
ª 2 Yousrra Znibar
ª 3 Marina Espinós

Youth Men

1 º Carlos Lilienthal
2 º Jaume Albert
3 º David De Los Santos

Senior women

ª 1 Cristina Roselló
ª 2 Cristina Moya
ª 3 Isabel Esteban

Senior Men

1 º Moha Rida Younnes
2 º José Manuel García
3 º Gabriel Domenec

Veteranas A

ª 1 Mª Isabel Ferrer
ª 2 Gemma Ann Selby
ª 3 Mª Rosa Parra


1 º Aitor Cabezas
2 º Ignacio Cardona
3 º maximum Folqués

Veteranas B

ª 1 Isa Banyuls
ª 2 Olga Elling
ª 3 Sonia Sanchez

Veterans B

1 º Víctor Pérez
2 º José Mª Orihuel
3 º Carlos Simó

Veteranas C

ª 1 María Mulet
ª 2 Violeta Gómez
ª 3 Magdalena Navarro

veterans C

1 º Alfredo Matoses
2 º Ricardo Carañana
3 º Francisco Reche

Veteran D

ª 1 Teresa Gregori
ª 2 Ana Jarillo
ª 3 Esther Pérez

veterans D

1 º Juan Sellens
2 º Emili Pérez
3 º Jesús Gavilá

Veteranas E

ª 1 Cachita Challis
ª 2 María José Alba
ª 3 Pilar Roldán

veterans E

1 º Paul Fletcher
2 º Vicente Llopis
3 º Salvador Signes

Veterans F

ª 1 Jane Armoush
ª 2 Pepi Martínez
ª 3 Henriette Weeber

Veterans F

1º Santiago Guzmán
2º José Antonio Vera
3º Juan Espinosa

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