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The Ministry refuses to remove the fencing of the plot of Marqués de Campo

28 March 2017 - 15: 12

The Ministry of Employment refuses to remove the fence surrounding the site of the former outpatient in Calle Marques de CampoOwned by the Treasury of the Social Security. So moved the deputy general manager of Property and Procurement Management of the Ministry of Employment, Carlos Cossio, municipal representatives who met with him in Madrid last week.

Vicent Grimalt and MªJosep Ripoll moved this request to the Ministry to remove barriers and promote visual aesthetic integration into the environment, but De Cossio confirmed that the Treasury can not remove them because the rules of the ministry concerning the conservation of solar prevents it.

At the meeting held in the capital possible future purchase of the land it was discussed. At this meeting the contacts so far materialized. The next step taken by the city of Denia is the office of the solar acquisition request has today sent the council the Ministry of Employment.

  1. Linasus says:

    Antonio Ivars
    They would also have to shoot down the ghost building a few meters up the wax facing.
    Pero como no es del “Gobierno Central” todos los concejales izquierdistas con la lengua en los ojetes.

  2. Just Monica says:

    More important will be to remove the work of Patricio F. and La Vía !!!! This hole of hell gives a VERY bad look and smell to our enchanted city.

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