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Mercadona in Dénia


Mercadona, one of the distribution companies of the country's leading food is present in Dénia since he began his career as a hypermarket in Valencia.

Mercadona in Dénia

The first center they opened in Dénia is the one located on Cándida Carbonell Street, in the heart of the city, and currently the one with the smallest area of ​​the three. The hypermarket is located in an old building known as "The warehouse of the English", a building of the early twentieth century used to store the raisin that was exported to the United Kingdom.

The center has a private parking for customers, keeping bags, home delivery option, telephone order and fresh bread, among other services.

In the 90 years, Mercadona opened what would be his second center in the city of Denia, and today is the largest of the three. It is located in the Paseo del Saladar, next to the Plaza Paris, and has a large area for the exhibition of their products and upper floors as a parking that facilitate customer purchase.

The last Mercadona center that opened in Dénia did on Avenida Miguel Hernández, comfortable for people in the beach area of ​​Sea place as accessing it is not necessary to delve into the city and also has parking , online shopping and the usual services offered by the hypermarket chain.

Mercadona products and services in Dénia

Mercadona out for a wide range of products they buy directly from the place of origin without intermediaries, guaranteeing the best price for the consumer. Thanks to a thoughtful process of storage and transportation, which is shortened after purchase planning, products mentienen at all times optimum temperature.

Thus, Mercadona guarantees that the product reaches the consumer's hands with maximum freshness and in the best condition, undergoing strict quality controls that reinforce their condicones hygiene and freshness.

Mercadona has a wide range of products that allows the consumer to find in one place everything you need for food, household cleaning, personal hygiene and pet food. Every year conducted a study which analyzes the most popular products and incorporate new features.

Since 2009, the Mercadona centers offer consumers the opportunity to buy fruit in bulk, cut ham and meat and fish in bulk, complementing the offer refrigerators, frozen trays and which has always counted the hypermarket.

Mercadona boasts SPB (Always Low Prices) because it guarantees the best price on all their products by purchasing products directly at the source and different agreements with manufacturers.

The Mercadona brands

Since 1996 Mercadona develops new exclusive brands hypermarket in all its products: Hacendado, Deliplus, Green Forest and Compy.

For more information, see page Mercadona.

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