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Children under 14 can leave the house accompanied, but to the supermarket

21 2020 April - 17: 48

The Government has raised the age limit of minors who can go accompanied, from 12 to 14. Now, they will not be able to go out to the park or to walk, but to the places that adults are allowed.

This oxygenation of which the President of the Government spoke for those under the age of 12 is extended to cover the entire pediatric age, up to the age of 14. But if anyone planned to take them for walks, to clear themselves or, in the end, "to oxygenate", Do not be confused, because they will have the same limitations as those who must accompany them, whether they are parents, caregivers or guardians. They will be able to go out, yes, but to accompany adults to make the purchase of essential goods, go to health centers or displacements for a greater cause.

The modification of the decree of state of alarm has been carried out in the Council of Ministers this Tuesday and will enter into force on the 27th of this month.

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