The 7 best sandy beaches in Dénia

21 September 2022 - 09: 31

In the capital of the Marina Alta there are approximately 20 kilometers of beach. With so much cost, the variety of proposals is notorious. There are many kinds of them, but today we are going to focus on the beaches Denia.

This is the list, from north to south, of the sandy coastline of the municipality:

Les Deveses

The beach of Les Deveses It is the farthest from the city, bordering the municipality of Oliva and the province of Valencia. It stands out for its fine natural sand, although in recent years storms have caused a lot of beach to be lost. It is famous for being a meeting point for lovers of kitesurfing and windsurfing.

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Els Molins

At kilometer 7 of the highway Marines, at the height of Nova Dénia, we can find the beach dels Molins, or Punta Molins. It is one of the widest and quietest sandy beaches, although in summer it is usually crowded by people who live in the nearby urbanizations and towns.

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The beach of The Bovetes, popularly known as Les Fons beach, is surely the most important and well-known on the list. This is so because of its great variety of services, with many restaurants on the front line, as well as beach bars. In addition, it is wide enough so that its great influx is not synonymous with being overwhelmed.

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Although the entire north coast of Dénia is known by this name, because the road that runs through it is called Les Marines, the truth is that Les Marines beach is only a section of that area. It is very extensive, and includes unofficial beaches such as those popularly known as Les Brises or Blay Beach.

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Les Albaranes

The beach of Les Albaranes, or El Oasis, is one of the most hidden or with the most ambiguous access. It is a small area that is found as soon as it ends Punta del Raset, between two small rivers that are usually dry. It is known for its protected dune cord and its palm trees.

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Punta del Raset

The closest to the city, Raset beach, or Punta del Raset beach, is one of the busiest in summer. It has multiple services and offers for the whole family, highlighting areas for practicing sports or renting nautical equipment (canoes or scooters), as well as several children's attractions such as an inflatable water park and its visible elastic pyramid.

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Marineta Cassiana

La Marineta Cassiana It is the only beach in the south of Dénia that is sandy. It stands out for its tranquility, located next to a long promenade and between two breakwaters that prevent the waves from entering. In addition, the water hardly covers it, which makes it the ideal destination for families and the elderly.

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  1. Neus says:

    The government of Dénia has no shame. Les Deves is the number 1 beach and the least cared for, most abandoned beach…for years.

  2. Rosa Maria Marin Torrens says:

    This article must be very old because those sandy beaches no longer exist in Les Deveses. They have been shrinking since the end of the last century due to the lack of aggregates that do not reach the sea (construction of dams) and changes in currents (construction of ports and breakwater, especially the last one between Almadraba and les Deveses, which did not end in L as it should have been done, the plan for the regeneration of Denia's silvers financed by the European Union was not finished and that surprisingly ended there, leaving Les Deveses beach unprotected.After the last 2 storms (2017 and Gloria 2019) the water reaches the houses and there is no sand on a good stretch of beach. Specifically in the photo where it says "El Montgo from les Deveses", there is no longer that terrace or the stairs on the right and everything is water up to the houses !!!.
    Nor does Los Baños have private parking and cars park wherever they can, invading car parks and private chalets.
    So please, before publishing something, update your photos and your data and show what the current reality is like!!