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Improve your health and quality of life with a food intolerance test at the CUME Polyclinic

10 June 2020 - 09: 34

The current rhythm of life leads us to attribute certain diseases to stress or tiredness. However, many of the usual symptoms are related to the type of diet and the consumption of certain foods. Food is an important element to maintain good health. However, have you ever wondered what would happen if you were intolerant to some food? In polyclinic CUME can help.

This is very common and few patients know that their discomfort is due to not being able to consume some nutrients, they are triggered by symptoms that may be related to some food, which usually coincides with one that we consume too much.

Disorders can be:

  • Dermatological: acne, psoriasis, urticaria ...
  • Gastrointestinal: bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain, flatulence ...
  • Neurological: dizziness, migraine, headache ...
  • There may also be respiratory, joint, psychological disorders and, of course, obesity problems

In addition, when women enter the menopause period, the lack of female hormones triggers an aggravation of that food intolerance that has always had but did not cause too much discomfort, such as milk, wheat or eggs.

Differences between food intolerance and food allergy

A food intolerance is a reaction of the digestive system to a food or other substance, due to a deficit of enzymes, which prevents the body from its correct metabolism. Unlike food allergies, which occur because our immune system perceives that a substance, initially harmless to our body, is harmful, and consequently, acts disproportionately, causing a series of symptoms.

Solutions for intolerances

There is a very simple and fast analysis, the 200 Food Intolerance Test or A200 Test. With a blood extraction we obtain the presence of IgG antibodies, which show the level of sensitization to different foods and additives.

Depending on the results of this test, we choose the right diet for each patient, restricting initially those foods that have come out with a high positivity and moderating those with a lower positivity. In the current market there are various alternatives to replace some foods, so you can always continue to enjoy the pleasure of eating, without later complications. Consider that the inconvenience presented to you always has an explanation, and at the same time, a potential solution.

Do you identify with these problems? Do not hesitate and ask for your appointment at the CUME Polyclinic, they will help you improve your quality of life. Call 965792324. They are at Salvador Salvá street, 6, bajo (Pasaje Avenida Amanecer, 37), in Jávea.

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