Five hundred pets celebrated the feast of its patron

January 18 from 2015 - 20: 05

500 around pets of all kinds held in the morning of Sunday the festival of Sant Antoni of Porquet in traditional blessing of animals held on the last leg of the Calle Marques de Campo.

At the 11 in the morning dozens of horses came out to cross the streets of Dénia, and after noon they arrived at the place of the blessing, where hundreds of people were waiting to bless their pets and many others to watch them go by.

Dog and cats mostly, but also goats, turtles, hamsters, fishes, birds, ferrets and even a Japanese chicken were the real stars of the morning.

The party, as usual, was organized by the Amics del Cavall Club in collaboration with the council of festivals and MascotetesWho prepared biscuits for all participants.

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  1. Jose Luis says:

    Hey, let's see if once, our pets are accepted in that community, as they are very friendly people with us, while we contribute so that it supports them, collecting their waste.