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Fifty people are concentrated in Dénia against animal abuse

10 July 2016 - 12: 38

Just over 50 people gathered on the morning of the first Sunday of parties in Dénia Calle Marques de Campo to protest against animal abuse in our country. Taking advantage of the celebration of the Bous a la Mar, they organized a performance in which several people dressed in black and bleeding sprawled on a blue cloth, showing their disagreement with this conclusion.

taurine concentration in Dénia anti - fifty protesters

A spokeswoman for the organizing platform read a lengthy statement of defense of animal rights and against their exploitation for public purposes or economic interests. After reading, demonstrators threw slogans like "Abolition", "Bulls no" o "Torture is not culture".

The concentration, which was controlled by four agents of the National Police of Denia and two officers of the local police, passed peacefully until about noon 12, calling the attention of those passing by.

1 Comment
  1. Hendrik Marsmam says:

    More than 70.000 lambs were slaughtered in Spain to complete the Muslim tradition of Ramadan. Some lambs take more than 10 minutes to die with lurid and bloody vomiting crackles and all that without any control.
    Where were these subsidized by the fascist Maduro, then?
    This smacks of Catalan nationalism and attacking everything that reminds Spain.

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