Maximum confidentiality and reliability in paternity tests at Laboratorios González

10 March 2020 - 09: 11

Get out of doubt: if you need to know an important fact for your life, the paternity test in laboratories González It is safe, confidential and reliable. Next, we explain how it is done.

What does it take to do a paternity test?

A genetic test is performed in which a series of DNA markers from the son are compared, with those same markers from the father's sample. Thanks to this comparison, it can be concluded if there is a parent-child relationship or not. In laboratories González They have two different paternity tests: the legally valid paternity test and the legally valid paternity test. The two types are made in the same way and have the same reliability.

Tests to know other kinships

In Laboratorios González they can also do a test to determine the degree of kinship between two people, for example brothers, uncles, cousins ​​or grandparents. You can do the kinship test by the mother and the father. In addition, they also have an individual genetic profile, which is of vital importance in the search for "stolen children"of parents of adopted children or if the test has been carried out previously, to identify people in case of accidents that prevent visual identification.

If you want peace of mind, trust Laboratorios González. They perform paternity tests using high quality markers for the identification of DNA fragments, recognized and homologated. In addition, they guarantee total confidentiality, both of the data you provide and the results obtained. Contact them at 965 780 290 or visit them at Vicent Andrés Estellés Street, 2-1º.

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