More than 54.600 people have applied for a place in the 24 Valencian EOI for the next course

20 July 2020 - 06: 52

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports has completed the ordinary process of telematic admission of students for the next academic year 2020-2021 in the 24 Valencian official language schools (EOI) with the participation of 54.646 people. More than half of the applications in first option processed in 'telematricula.es', 30.077, are to study English.

According to the general director of Language Policy and Multilingualism Management, Rubén Trenzano, "Our will to promote language learning among people is firm and therefore we offer a wide range of places for different languages ​​so that people are encouraged to master languages, which always help to enrich the formation of everyone turn, for example, to find a job. "

"That is why we want to ensure that no one is left without studying the language they have chosen and, furthermore, we are one of the autonomous communities that has the greatest demand for language study by citizens", has continued.

In the 9 EOI and its 13 sections of the Alicante regions, 19.464 people have requested a place. The 3 EOI and 10 sections of the regions of Castellón have registered 5.108 registration applications. The 12 EOIs and 26 sections of the Valencia regions add up to a total of 30.074 requests in the first option.

The most demanded official language school for telematic admission is València-Saïdia with 10.564 registrations, followed by Alicante with 6.090 and Elche with 4.181 applications and Castelló de la Plana with 3.428.

By language, English accounts for 55% of the requests processed in the first option, 30.077 out of a total of 54.646. Second, the most requested language is French, which represents 11,6% of requests in first choice with 6.351 requests. The third place in the preferences of the applicants is the Valencian, with 5.725 applications, 10,5% of the total.

In this ordinary admission the Valencian EOI have offered 85.425 places in 17 languages, 2.525 more places than in the current academic year. However, the final training offer for the next course will reach 98.882 places when the vacancies of the non-formal teaching courses that will be offered when the admission process closes are incorporated.

This second round, which will be launched in October, includes 8.160 vacancies in complementary training courses aimed at working on oral skills, initiation groups or to prepare certification and improvement tests, plus another 5.297 places in media libraries for self-study. of languages.

The 24 Valencian EOIs and their 49 sections distributed in 66 municipalities, offer the teaching of 17 languages ​​in total: German, English, Arabic, Spanish, Basque, French, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Valencian, Chinese, Dutch, Finnish, Polish and Japanese.

Applications by counties

In the Alicante regions, the 9 EOIs and their 13 sections spread over 22 municipalities have now offered 29.935 places in curricular courses for the next academic year, 775 places more than in the current 2019-2020. In addition, from October, the EOI of Alicante will offer another 2.120 places in non-formal education that will bring the final offer to 32.055 vacancies.

The EOI of Dénia, to which it also belongs Xàbia, has received 909 applications for the 1.900 positions it offers.

Admitted and enrollment lists

Since July 17, the results of the vacancy award for students can be consulted on the 'telematricula.es' portal. The candidates who have obtained a place in the first option or in one of their following preferences (they could choose a maximum of three languages ​​and up to 50 time combinations with the possibility of selecting several schools) have to formalize their enrollment during the period of 20 July to September 9. Within this period, each EOI will establish and publish on its website the specific schedule for formalization and delivery of the documentation required to complete the enrollment.

In addition, on September 10 and 11 the EOI will physically enroll, by appointment, the students who have been on the waiting list in the adjudication of July 17, according to the order assigned by the telematic assistant. From September 15 to 17, the second period of admission and enrollment corresponding to the extraordinary call for language and course vacancies will open.

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