More than a hundred children falleros contested the '12 hours of Futsal 'organized by the Falla Saladar

06 September 2017 - 01: 00

Last Saturday took place the "12 Football Futsal Fallero" organized by the Falla Saladar. The event, as is tradition, had the participation of 10 of the 11 failures dianenses, congregating a good number of children and majors.

The competition started at 9 in the morning and lasted until 21 hours. There was a break that was taken to replenish forces through food. The smallest of all the faller commissions had the opportunity to have fun, playing in the facilities of the municipal sports center. In addition, they were able to enjoy the inflatable castles and the good competitive environment that was lived throughout the day.

The children's team that was proclaimed champion was the commission of the Falla Camp Roig, being runners-up the commission of the Paris Falla Pedrera.

From Saladar thank the participating districts for their collaboration, which allowed both children and adults to enjoy a day of brotherhood and fun.

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