Marta Colomer, the Dianense designer who gives life to Tutticonfetti

08 October 2016 - 01: 10

When someone admits that he can not draw is capable of transmitting long message through a small illustration, is that something magical hidden. That's what happens to Marta Colomer, one Dianense regards itself as "an illustrator through design" and behind the website Tutticonfetti.

Marta Colomer - Tutticonfetti

When talking to Marta you discover that there is something inside that little head, which is what allows you to create stories that sometimes uncomfortable realities, but realities at the end of the day. This Dianense has been able to move their creations, those who were born almost by accident, all kinds of products and companies around Europe.

Since in 2012 he created with his partner, Fernando, Mark Tutticonfetti, has managed to make an important place in the world of design, getting a brand valued in the market with its own identity. Decorative sheets, cell phone covers, stationery, t-shirts, bags, badges ... but also motorcycle helmets, quilts and even fire extinguishers show off their designs.

cableway Tutticonfetti

And all with a slogan, do things "complexly simple". For though they may seem simple designs behind them there is an intention. Like the book on the reality of refugees in which he is working and will serve to educate schools about the reality that war children live. Or the already published book The Secret Quique Dacosta, Which narrates the beginnings chef managed to fulfill his dream of being the best in the world.

Marta can claim to be a prophet in his own land, which this week have been enjoying their designs to illustrate the booklet programming Family Excursions, Sunday activities scheduled the Department of Culture and Environment of the City of Denia. But it does not stop there. Very soon we will see their contribution to an informative book about the history of the Tenor Cortis and stationers city you can find their agendas, designed for brand Miquelrius or more of the products can also be purchased on your website.

Marta Colomer, TutticonfettiHe recognizes that the world of design came at the right time. And he did it to stay because now it has become a must for many individuals who purchase their creations but also for many companies that rely on their talent to give their products nice shape. For many years "Painting Stories".

Marta Colomer

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