Marta, Andrea and Oscar winning Intergenerational 2016 Song Festival

09 July 2016 - 09: 42

El Intergenerational 2016 Song Festival has already winners: in the junior category won the young Marta Perelló, who sang Colors in the wind, of the movie Pocahontas. In the youth category, the prize went to Andrea Soto, who played Somebody To Love, The musical We will Rock YouWhile in the adults category won the first Óscar Lasarte award for her portrayal of Fly Me to the Moon, Space Cowboys.

FIC 2016 - Winners with authorities

FIC 2016 night was special for the theme, and this year only songs from musicals sung. The level of this year hinted at the difficulty of the jury to select the winners, an arduous task that fell to the Radio announcer Dénia Ginestar Pepa; singer Luis Manuel Gil and the councilor of Youth, Cristina Morera.

The show began with a performance of teachers, Juan Carlos Benlloch Cottom and Kelly Lee, who sang a song from Grease, and then our colleague Celia Marín was responsible for driving the act. In the junior category Loren acted Scarlet Lluhitaxi, Morgana Pateman, Martina Ramirez, Raluca Herminia, Marta Perelló and Shaila Lucas. In the youth category saw on stage at Aina Mengual, George Brown, Andrea Soto, Sarina Blackford, Jasmin Van Santen and Yolanda López, while in the adult category enjoyed the performances of Juan José Fernández, Juan Carlos Romero, Miriam Jaén, Daniel Vázquez, Anela Ljuca and Óscar Lasarte.

FIC 2016 - Contestants

All of them had live music and dancers from the schools of MªÀngeles Signes, Raquel Heredia and Babylon, and their own colleagues performed choirs on the necessary topics, enriching the show with all of this.

Before the awards ceremony an excited Kelly wanted to acknowledge the work of all the people who made the show and beside the contestants sang a song that raised the public of the chair.

FIC 2016 - Performance by Kelly Lee Cottom

The councilor and the mayor, Vicent Grimalt, They were responsible for making delivery of the diplomas of thanks to the dancers; of certificates of participation to the participants, and prizes to the three winners, who were clothed by their peers to celebrate your special prom.

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